Beautiful Simarjarunjung View: Beautiful Panoramic Expanse with Lake Toba Background

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Beautiful Simarjarunjung View

Read More – It is known by some people that in North Sumatra there is a path of a million charms, you know? It is said so because during this route, we will be offered various natural panoramas that exist on each route.

Lake Toba and Samosir Island, which have been popular, are clearly visible from this route. The route of a million charms is none other than the Parapat route<–>Three Rungguz<–>Kabanjahe<–>Berastagi<–>Medan and vice versa.

Beautiful Simarjarunjung View

Taken by IDHA Sianturi

Although it is called along the adventure or journey, but enjoying it is also not mandatory in conditions of walking in transport. If you try that, it’s a shame. Of course, many small things will be missed, while in fact it is a differentiator from views in other regions.

Beautiful Simarjarunjung View
Location: Jl. Simarjarunjung, Tiga Runggu, Kec. Purba, Kab. Simalungun
Opening hours: 9AM–6PM WIB
Contact: 0813 7083 681

This is what may have been thought, so an area was built which is called Panatapan Simarjarunjung. Stopping for a moment in this area will add to the excitement of this viewing route. This area is famous for its various photo rides with a direct view of Lake Toba.

Beautiful Simarjarunjung View

Taken by Zuki Rama1

There are several resting places here. 2 of them are: Bukit Indah Simarjarunjung (BIS) and Panatapan Simarjarunjung Indah (PSI), very suitable for a stopover.

These two positions, especially for Panatapan Simarjarunjung Indah (PSI), are not too far from Simarjarunjung Peak. Precisely it is located on the edge of the Simarjarunjung Line, 3 Runggu, Purba, Kab. Simalungun.

The parking position is quite spacious. Can accommodate a lot of 4-wheeled vehicles and of course 2-wheelers and parking is free of charge.

Beautiful Simarjarunjung View

Taken by Adam

Located at an altitude, the air temperature here is quite cold, so it is recommended to use thick clothes.

The natural expanse of Lake Toba looks very charming from this beautiful place. Samosir Island Only As if an inch of stone distance.

The small islands in the Simanindo area, Tao Silalahi, Mount Pusuk Buhit especially the ships sailing on the lake, seem to be sailing very clearly.

Beautiful Simarjarunjung View

Taken by Irwan Nasution

Beautiful Simarjarunjung View

Taken by Rudi Andrian Siregar

As a modern tourist destination in general, Panatapan Simarjarunjung Indah is also equipped with several Instagramable photo rides. Not only that, there is also a unique hanging bicycle.

Special rides for pictures and some other facilities, indeed have been charged or rental services, but the cost is relatively affordable and cheap.

Located in a cold region, of course, makes the stomach need warmth. You don’t need to panic. This shop at Panatapan Simarjarunjung Indah provides a variety of menus with flavors that are harmonized with the nuances of the cold weather.

Beautiful Simarjarunjung View

Taken by BENNA Satu Nusa

Here there are various foods such as: chicken penyet, grilled chicken, fried fish, grilled fish, and various soft drinks.
Regarding the price, you don’t need to worry, all the prices for food and drinks on this tour are quite affordable and cheap. The prices are so friendly and don’t make the pocket languish.

So for those of you who want to travel to Medan City from the Tapanuli area or vice versa, you can choose this road. Not only because it has an exotic and beautiful natural view, because there are several resting places along the route, also so that you are free from annoying traffic jams.

Beautiful Simarjarunjung View

Taken by Ali Safrizal

Beautiful Simarjarunjung View

Taken by Zuki Rama2

When driving along this road, you have to be extra careful. The road has many bends even though the condition of the body of the path is very good. For some who like to travel, even the winding obstacles make the journey more enjoyable.

Thus a brief review of “Beautiful Simarjarunjung View: Beautiful Panorama Overlay with Lake Toba as a Background” Are you interested in visiting it?


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