Nora Alexandra complains about getting bigger, Netizens: Not cans

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Nora Alexandra is known as a model with a body shape that is coveted by every woman.

But in fact, the stunning body goals that Nora still complains about.

Currently revealed Nora, her weight at 50 Kg.

Nora Alexandra (photo: Instagram @ncdpapl)

“There is a HUGE hope for this body to reach 40 Kg,” complained Nora Alexandra on Instagram @ncdpapl, quoted on Tuesday (31/5/2022).

In the upload, the wife of musician Jerinx SID also included a photo of herself in a minimalist dress.

Yes, it looks like Nora is sitting wearing a blue tank top and shorts and sports shoes.

Her curves are exposed to the maximum, not to mention the cleavage as a result of the tank top she wears which is quite open at the chest.

The comment column was boisterous with compliments and compliments from the majority of men.

“Please don’t zoom in,” exclaimed @delfi***.

“It’s big, Sis, cheer up,” said @bhqi***.

“Nora here. Not cans,” said @m.rizky***. (dra/dawn)


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