Elsa Panic Seeing Reyna Fever Due to Her Action, Andin Wrath?

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In the previous episode, Nino was suspicious of his mother hiding the file because Mama Chandra was the first to oppose the divorce between Nino and Elsa.

Nino thought maybe the loss of the file was a trick by his mother to prevent the divorce.

Furthermore, Amar Mahendra called Andin to convey the conversation that had been interrupted while at the police station.

He said that Elsa had the intention to share custody of Reina to maintain her household with Nino.

However, it was too late to say and Andin was afraid that Elsa would tell Reina things that Andin had kept secret to Reina, namely Reina’s real biological parents.

Because Andin knows very well Elsa’s nature he will not stop if what he wants has not been achieved.

Elsa didn’t think that Reina was a smart child. Reina then questioned that she was thrown into an orphanage instead of beautifying the atmosphere and being a hero had succeeded in getting Reina.

Even Reina would hate Nino after knowing the truth from Elsa’s mouth.

Furthermore, Andin and Ammar’s condition feels threatened because it is Ricky who has not been caught by the police.

Ricky is known to try hard to find a way to destroy Andin’s life and threatens not to let Andin and his family live in peace.

Therefore, Ammar is now trying to find a way to catch Ricky and send him to the police station.

Ammar tries to find a way how he can catch Ricky so that everyone feels safe, especially Andin.

So Ammar and Andin devised a plan to get Ricky trapped and arrested by the police.

For the synopsis of Tonight’s Love Bond, Elsa really panicked when she found out that Reyna had a fever after she told him about Aldebaran and who his unborn father was.

Elsa’s concern is very visible if Andin will find out why Reyna fell ill.

This happened when Rizal tried to call Elsa from outside his apartment room.

Rizal seems to be getting angry because Elsa never opens the apartment door.

Until finally Rizal banged on the door and Elsa came out of the room.

Elsa looks a little angry at Rizal and gives an excuse so that his mistake is not known.

Elsa thought that Rizal would investigate if he did something to Reyna.

This made Nino’s wife even more panicked because it was clear that Reyna had a high fever.

Papa Surya and Mama Sarah who were in the apartment room also looked panicked seeing the condition of their grandson.

Immediately Papa Surya asked that Reyna be taken to the nearest hospital for treatment.

Elsa’s face became even more panicked, afraid that Andin would find out that Reyna was sick because of her words.

Elsa previously said about Aldebaran and who Reyna’s real father was.

Then what will Andin’s attitude be if he finds out the reason why Reyna is sick?

Will Andin make calculations with his half-sister?

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