Arya Saloka suddenly drops, a sign of missing filming with his co-stars in the soap opera Bond of Love?

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It is known, Arya Saloka is the actor Aldebaran in the Love Bond. Aldebaran is told as Andin’s husband in the soap opera.

His co-star, Amanda Manopo, played the role of Andin in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

The gossip between the two main actors (PU) in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta is sticking out in various mass media.

The reason is, Amanda Manopo was rumored to be insinuating Arya Saloka via live Ig on his personal account @amandamanopo last time.

Manda had quipped Arya Saloka as unprofessional and selfish.

Not long ago, Arya Saloka quipped back at Manda through his personal Instastory @arya.saloka.

Arya Saloka wrote a snippet containing that an actor must have free will over himself.

However, the sarcasm problem was clarified by Sari Nila, who plays Mama Rosa in the Bond of Love.

Sari Nila had said that what Manda was about to say was not meant to offend Arya Saloka.

Most recently, it was reported that Arya Saloka’s condition had dropped in his personal Instastory upload @arya.saloka.

So, is it true that the Aldebaran actor dropped because he missed shooting with his co-star in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta?

In @arya.saloka’s Instastory upload, Arya Saloka is seen treating his illness in a hospital.

Arya Saloka’s stubby finger appeared to be bleeding from being scratched by something, it was suspected that he had an accident.

The reason is, in the upload, Arya Saloka had tagged Fiki Alman who played his sister named Roy Alfahri.

Roy is told as a play boy and had a big problem after impregnating Elsa.

Because Roy did not want responsibility, so Elsa was forced to kill him using a knife five years ago.

However, it was Andin who had to be affected and received the punishment he didn’t deserve.

Apart from being a play boy, Roy is also described as a person who likes motorcycle racing, but Mama Rosa still makes him her favorite child.

His younger brother, Aldebaran, is now buried next to Hartawan Alfahri’s grave.

Unlike his sister, Aldebaran is said to be still in the search stage.

It is suspected that the plane that Aldebaran was traveling on lost contact in Sumatra and Andin had asked the search and rescue team for help to find him.

It is known, Fiki Alman had experienced the same thing before, namely his finger was injured due to being hit by the rear brake of the motorbike.

The following is the story of Fiki Alman in @fikialman’s Instastory.

The Roy actor wanted to pray for Arya Saloka to get well soon and be able to return to his usual activities.

Besides Fiki, loyal fans of the Love Association also want to pray for Arya Saloka’s recovery.

Until now netizens have not been able to move on from Arya Saloka, because in the storyline the Arya Saloka Love Association has not returned.***

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