Al Finds More Strong Evidence at Roy’s House

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Check out the synopsis of the 26 June 2021 Love Bond below:

Al calls Papa Surya to talk to Elsa. Al immediately scolded him and told Elsa to return to the orphanage at seven in the morning.

After that, Al and Andin took all the orphans to their house. They all look very happy.

The next morning, Al contacts Rendy to find a contractor. Rendy then offered the name Nino.

Al agrees and allows this so that he can see the behavior of his wife, Elsa.

At the orphanage, while Elsa was sweeping, Ricky suddenly came.

Elsa is surprised by him because Ricky tells that Al already knows about their magazine.

Ricky then again invites Elsa to flee abroad.

Soon Nino came and he again saw his wife with Ricky.

Then Elsa immediately approached Nino and said there was nothing between her and Ricky.

Elsa also invited Nino to check the CCTV at the Sentul Hotel.

Ricky was worried and again heated up Nino by saying he would tell him which room he and Elsa were in.

Nino gets angry and hits Ricky.

After that Nino went to the orphanage to check the situation so that it could be renovated immediately.

Elsa realized that Nino was no longer wearing their wedding ring.

Elsa is getting frustrated and suddenly Al and Andin come.

They started scolding Elsa. Of course Elsa was upset and promised to take revenge.

Meanwhile, at the office, Al picks up a lipstick that allegedly belongs to Elsa and falls in Roy’s room.

Al then returned to Roy’s old house to look for other evidence.

On the other hand, Nino visited the Hotel in Sentul. Unable to check the CCTV, Nino asked the waiter.

The waiter then said that Elsa and Ricky did look alone.

It turned out that the waiter had been paid by Ricky to lie.

In the upcoming episode, Elsa devises a grand plan to avenge both Al and Andin.

Meanwhile, Al finally gets solid evidence related to Roy’s murder case.

Curious about the sequel?

Watch the Bond of Love June 26, 2021 on RCTI at 19.15 WIB.

Disclaimer: This synopsis is a prediction from unofficial information and compiled from several sources. This leaked synopsis may be different from the original impression. ***

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