Wearing her buttoned shirt open, Maria Vania makes netizens excited

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Maria Vania’s appearance has again stolen the attention of netizens on Instagram. Maria Vania’s pose wearing a shirt with 4 open buttons that makes netizens fail to focus! Besides being beautiful, Maria Vania is indeed attached to a sexy image.

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This is because women aged 30 years often appear in clothes that seem sexy, as in her latest photo upload.

Suddenly, her appearance in a tight mini dress formed her fantastic body, immediately filled with netizen comments. Apart from compliments, of course there are many who tease Vania.

‘chocolate that seduces the heart’ said ajibug***

It’s nice to look at your chocolate,’ wooed @caturpramo ***

‘The sweetest chocolate, continue @ff_adi_okt***

‘dream body goal’ praise @mareshafi***

Maria Vania Pose Wearing Sport Bra Next to Banana Tree, Body Goals Make Salfok!

Maria Vania (Photo : Instagram/@maria_vaniaa)

NO Maria Vania if her appearance does not steal the attention, especially for men. The latest, Maria Vania’s style has succeeded in making salfok! What does it look like?

Maria Vania uploaded her latest photo to her personal Instagram, @maria_vaniaa.

The 31-year-old presenter looks beautiful posing with one hand holding her head next to a banana tree.

Maria Vania

(Maria Vania shows off her body goals, Photo: @maria_vaniaa/Instagram)

This time, Maria Vania wore a gray activewear outfit. The outfit consists of a two piece, sport bra and sporty leggings.

Outfit shows Vania’s body goals, which netizens call like a Spanish guitar. Not only looks fit, but also gives a sexy impression.

Body goals do make Maria Vania’s appearance almost always look sexy.

Whatever clothes you wear, a sexy image can’t be separated from it, including sportwear.

Even this Vania appearance was flooded with comments from netizens.

In addition to praising beauty, netizens were made to look at Maria Vania’s body goals.

“😊 it’s beautiful,” praised @denkar.denka***

“Bodygoals😍🤤,” said @mareshaf***

“If only my body was like that😍😍,” said @deka_put***

“When will my body look like a Spanish guitar 😂,” continued @shellaindahle***

“The real sexy,” said @winarno***

“In the morning, it’s just been attacked, the people are lying down 😂,” said @stella.ru***

Where is the focus “guys” 😂🤭 always healthy, kk Vania ,” said @dyana_rea***



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