3 Artists Use Bedding Tools, Yuni Shara Really Wants

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Besides Yuni Shara, it turns out that there are several artists who use assistive devices for bed.

Singer Yuni Shara is outspoken that she uses a tool to vent her desire in bed.

In fact, Krisdayanti’s older brother called the tool his best friend and was easy to use.

“Since then I have ‘friends’. Don’t bother, I can manage myself,” said Yuni Shara.

Besides Yuni Shara, it turns out that there are three artists who use these tools. Anyone? Let’s see.

1. Tessa Mariska

The woman who started her career as a swordsman admitted to using toys to fulfill her desires.

According to Tessa, it’s not the time for people to regard such things as taboo.

Even Tessa wasn’t shy about telling her how she cared for him.

“Yes, it’s easy. If you want to use it, you just need to apply lubricating oil or baby oil. After using it, it’s cleaned, then washed and dried with a hairdryer,” he said in a video circulating on YouTube.

2. Ririn Setyarini

The beautiful artist Ririn Setyarini admits that she is one of the people who uses tools to satisfy her desires.

According to him it is safer to do and the pleasures given are the same as doing it with a partner.

“If I’m honest, instead of being a stubborn or naughty girl, it’s better to use a tool. It’s more safe and the pleasure is more or less the same,” he said.

Ririn considers bed relationship is an education that must be understood and understood by many people.

The last one is Shinta Bachir who frankly admits that he uses a tool to fulfill his desire in bed.

She is not ashamed that she often has feelings for love even though she is still a widow.

The woman who has now decided to wear the hijab no longer has the fantasy of having sex with men because she is often hurt.

Therefore, when she wants Shinta to use tools to satisfy her desires, just like Yuni Shara.

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