Monaco Park Sibiru-biru Park : 15 Portraits of Tourist Attractions, Access to Locations and Entrance Tickets

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Monaco Park Sibiru-blue

::Entrance ticket without hall rental is IDR 10. 000
::Entrance ticket and hall rental Rp15. 000
::Rent a car ATV Rp25. 000

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Monaco Park Opening Hours blue-blue

Photo by Yunii Koo

Monaco Park is open every day from morning to evening.
Monaco Prak Hours of Operation Daily: 09. 00-17. 00

Monaco Park is one of the places for nature trips that are categorized as very cheap. Almost all the rides here can be available for free without having to pay additional fees.

This is because the management of the park deliberately makes some of its tourist rides free. The Management understands that every citizen needs an excursion with comfortable and complete facilities.

Monaco Park Sibiru-blue

Photo by Frans Banta Bangun

The rides that are available for free are a swimming pool, drawing area, and a children’s playground. On the other hand, some other rides have additional fees but are still quite affordable. One of the rides that can be rented is the meeting hall.

This hall is in the form of a large hut and can accommodate quite a number of tourists. Next is ATV car rental. There are also several cottages if you want to spend the night in this yard.

Monaco Parak and its parks are located in a forest area and uphold the preservation of nature. Tested with the consumption of springs as a source of water to fill the swimming pool.

By using springs, swimming pools do not need chlorine to maintain the clarity of the water. Not only that, the manager also prohibits the felling of plants and looking for animals in the forest near the yard zone.

Various Sightseeing Rides in Monaco Park blue-blue

Monaco Park Sibiru-blue
Photo by randal surbakti

Monaco Park has a variety of interesting sightseeing rides, one of which is a swimming pool. There are 3 swimming pools for children and adults.

The swimming pool here is indeed a favorite and favorite vehicle, so it is often crowded with tourists. On weekends, the pool will continue to be crowded with tourists, especially children.

Monaco Park Sibiru-blue

dadg maranata

If you don’t want to swim, tourists can wander the park on foot or rent an ATV car.

Children or old people can play ATV car games. If you bring children, you can also ask them to play in the children’s game zone. Here there are swings and slides that can be used alternately with other tourists.

Monaco Park Sibiru-blue
Photo by Juli Andreansyah S,kom

After that, there are several unique photo areas such as bird nests and wooden bridges. As for those who want to hold meeting activities, there is a hall that can accommodate dozens of participants.

Don’t forget to reserve a special place to hold a barbecue while doing activities. The manager also provides a fishing pond for those who want to unwind while fishing.

Many Instagramable Places to Take Pictures

Monaco Park Sibiru-blue
Photo by Tika Natalia Barus

Another activity that must be tried by tourists when having recreation here is to be photographed. Planned managers provide several instagramable photo areas in the form of unique buildings or charming ornaments.

One of the image areas that often attracts attention is the wooden bridge that stands up to the middle of the lake. So that the picture looks charming, you can take pictures from the bridge or from across the lake right next to the wooden bridge.
Monaco Park Sibiru-blue

Photo by Julia Ginting

The next area is in the egg hut with an outer shape that matches the bark of the bark. The shape is quite large so you have to use a ladder to be able to sit or be photographed in front of it. Another instagramable place is a white-patterned bird cage that stands in the area next to the swimming pool.

After that, the other object of the image is the bicycle display around the lake. This bicycle does not function as usual and can only be used as a photo backdrop.

At the bottom of the Keep Calm and Enjoy Monaco quote board are displays of motorbikes and vespas. In contrast to bicycles, motorbikes and Vespas, tourists who want to be photographed can ride this. Before returning, don’t forget to take a photo at the Monaco Park landmark as a memento.

Monaco Park Sibiru-biru Park Facilities

Monaco Park Sibiru-blue
Photo by TSE Simanjuntak

The facilities at Monaco Park are quite complete, such as a swimming pool, rinse bathroom, and a hall. For tourists who want to test their adrenaline, here is an ATV car rental place.

There is also a children’s game arena and lodging for those who want to stay here for a few days. Other facilities available are toilets, parking lots, prayer rooms, photo areas, and several canteens.

Monaco Park Sibiru-blue
Photo by Andy bolet

Monaco Park Sibiru-blue
Photo by agus wijanarko

Monaco Park Sibiru-blue
Address: Namo Suro Baru, Namo Tualang, Sibiru-biru, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra 20358
Opening hours: 9AM–5PM WIB
Contact: 0852-7028-9469


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