Dinar Candy Shows Sexy Videos in the Pool, Netizens: Ridho Can’t Move On

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Dinar Candy’s sexy pedije recently uploaded a new video on her personal Tiktok page @dinarcandy on Friday (24/6/2022).

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In his upload this time, Dinar Candy posted a sexy video of himself bathing in a luxurious swimming pool.

“Holla,” Dinar wrote in the caption of his upload.

In the video, Dinar looks wet. Her long black hair was dripping wet, which she tied slightly at the back.

One of the things that became the focus of netizens was the outfit that Dinar wore while taking a shower. The sexy pedije only wore a sexy bra and panties.

The black bra worn by Dinar Candy immediately became the spotlight. How not, the bra worn by Dinar does not seem to match the bra he is wearing.

Not only that, Dinar Candy’s skin color, her sexy body shape is also in the spotlight of netizens. Dinar Candy has white and smooth skin. Not only that, Ridho Illahi’s ex-lover also has a great body.

It also made Dinar’s breasts look so clear. Dinar Candy’s upload was then flooded with netizen comments.

Here are some comments left by netizens in the upload of the sexy Dinar Candy video that was launched on Friday (6/24/2022).

“Sis Dinar is better off alone and looking for a companion who can accept anything about him. Always be healthy, sis,” commented the account @nuyy_miracle**.

“Ridho won’t be able to move on,” added the @callme** account commenting.

Dinar Candy Shows off Sexy Body

Dinar Candy Shows Sexy Videos in the Pool, Netizens: Ridho Can’t Move On

Meanwhile, there are some netizens who say that Dinar is like a Caucasian who is taking a bath. This is further supported by Dinar’s smooth white skin color.

“Teteh Sinar looks like a Caucasian, what’s more, her hair is getting longer, when she’s in a bikini in the swimming pool, it’s cool like a strong person,” wrote one netizen.

Not a day after posting, Dinar Candy’s upload has been watched more than one million times. The video of Dinar Candy rocking Tiktok in a sexy bikini immediately became the spotlight and went viral on social media.


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