Ciater Subang Hot Springs: The Most Cool Place for Refreshing and Soaking with Family

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Ciater Subang Hot Spring

Read More – Choosing to relax with the family at Ciater Hot Springs is the right choice. You can enjoy warm water rides that come from the earth’s crust after going through the geothermal heating process. The water produced has a temperature above 37°C which we know is the normal temperature of the human body.

Carrying out soaking activities in warm water can actually relieve stress on our heads, remove toxins in the body, facilitate circulation or blood circulation, can relax tense body muscles, moreover can relieve bone disease.

Ciater Subang Hot Spring

Photo by Antony L

Ciater Subang Hot Spring

Photo by M Yasin

Ciater Hot Springs in Subang has an attraction that can spread the attention of residents through the natural attractions that are served. Spending a tiring weekday you can make up for it by getting into a position to play on the weekend.

You can visit it at the address Jalan. Raya Ciater, Nagrak, Subang, Kab. Subang, West Java. So, this hot spring is also called Sari Ater Subang which has a lot of mineral content so it is not surprising that some tourists are determined to treat problems on the skin to rheumatism.

Ciater Subang Hot Spring Location

Ciater Subang Hot Spring
Photo by Latifah Latifah

So, for the position of the Ciater hot spring, it is on the Ciater Subang Highway, Ciater Village, Kec. Ciater Subang, West Java. Ciater itself is the border between Subang and Bandung.

So if you depart from the city of Subang, the distance is approximately 30 kilometers, the excursion will take approximately 40 minutes. On the other hand, it is different if you depart from the city of Bandung, which is approximately 32 kilometers away, so you will take an adventure with an estimated time of approximately 45 minutes.

Ciater Subang Hot Spring

Photo by Arief Rachman

Ciater Subang Hot Spring

Photo by safrudin muhammad

You also don’t need to be afraid because there are many path markers available to direct the adventure to Ciater hot springs. This tourist destination is quite easy to find, if you are already in the Tangkuban Perahu tourist area, then you only need to take an expedition of approximately 7 kilometers from there or about 15 minutes.

Ciater Subang Hot Spring

Photo by Julie Kriss

So, for those of you who come from far away and use public transportation. Until the initial adventure begins at the Ledeng bus stop. Look for public transportation on the Ledeng-Lembang route. Then until Lembang continue the adventure by taking public transportation on the Ledeng-Subang route and getting off at the Cagak Line, Ciater village.

You can ask the local community for more details on this Ciater Hot Spring.

Ciater Subang Hot Spring Entrance Ticket Prices

Ciater Subang Hot Spring
Photo by Fernando Situmeang

For the facilities and atmosphere of the tourist destinations provided by the Ciater Hot Springs, fortunately it sets a suitable retribution fee and does not spend money in the pocket. The following is the price of admission to Ciater Hot Springs:

::Entrance ticket to the hot spring area in Ciater Rp. 15,000– Rp. 20,000/person
::Entrance ticket to hot springs at Ciater Rp. 80. 000/ person
::Entrance ticket for simple hot springs from Rp. 20. 000– Rp. 55,000/person

Ciater Subang Hot Spring Facilities

Ciater Subang Hot Spring
Photo by Waluyo Ajach

Not only there are hot springs, some of these facilities will make your vacation even more fun. The following are the facilities offered by Ciater hot spring tours:

::Islamic Prayer Room
There is a place of worship that is safe and clean, guaranteed to be comfortable worshiping here

::Restaurant to fill your stomach
Many places to eat ranging from fast food and some heavy meals

::Bungalow to stay
An inn that you can rent if you are determined to spend more time on vacation on this tour

::Spa & resources
For those of you who want to relax even more, until you can enjoy a massage at the spa& resources provided by the manager.

::Outbound zone and playground
If you feel bored if you just soak, then you can shift to try some challenging games in the outbound zone and a comfortable playground to play.

The Fascinating History of Ciater Hot Springs

Ciater Subang Hot Spring
Photo by Vishnu Pambudi

It could be for those of you who are curious about the origin story of Ciater Hot Springs, you need to read some of the stories below, let’s follow!

The origin of the Ciater hot spring comes from a forested zone located at the foot of Mount Tangkuban Paruhu, which is believed by residents that the forest area is very haunted and has a mystical factor. Within the forestry zone there are trees known as Ater plants.

Ciater Subang Hot Spring
Photo by Santi Hartini
Share the stories of the local people. At one time the village was facing a water shortage, so one day someone tried to cut this Ater plant and after it was cut down from a tree branch, in fact this tree emitted very heavy water.

Local residents feel lucky and find a miracle, not only that they also believe that the jet of water that comes out of the ather plant has benefits for curing various diseases, especially diseases of the skin.

Ciater Subang Hot Spring
Photo by Novil Evanda
And there is no doubt about this with the emergence of evidence from Hack Bessel, who is an expert from Belsobat. He convinced through experiments or trials on the contents of the water. And indeed there are many ingredients that are believed to be effective for treating some diseases.

This Ciater Hot Spring is a suitable tourist suggestion to fill your sightseeing time because it is not only fun but also healthy.

Ciater Subang Hot Spring

Photo by yoga prawiraharja

Ciater Subang Hot Spring

Opening Hours: 24 Hours

Ticket Price: Rp. 15,000/person (Full price is below)

Tel: (0260) 471700

Tourist Activities: Swimming, Dining, Relaxation, Play

Address: Jl. Raya Ciater, Nagrak, Ciater, Kab. Subang, Jaabar

Public Facilities: Mushola, Gazebo, Play area, and food stalls

That’s the signkat review of “Ciater Subang Hot Springs: The Most Cool Refreshing and Soaking Place with Family” when you take a bath here, let’s set a time so we can gas it!


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