Reyna is reported to have followed Aldebaran’s steps to leave the bond of love, Fara Shakila’s mother gave a firm answer

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It is widely discussed on social media, especially Instagram. Some loyal fans of Ikatan Cinta even sent a direct message (DM) to Fara Shakila’s mother, Mama Neti.

Ikatan Cinta fans speculate that Fara Syakila will end her role as Andin’s biological daughter, following Arya Saloka.

They assumed that Fara Shakila would withdraw based on the predictions of the Love Bond story.

In the Love Bond plot, Ricky is told that he is a fugitive after his crimes are exposed.

Ricky has been spying on Elsa and her family lately.

Many predict Reyna will be kidnapped by Ricky and her life will not be saved. This is a concern for loyal fans of the Love Association.

An Instagram direct message was also sent to Fara Shakila’s mother, Mama Neti. This was revealed by the Instagram account @andrianasafitri29 through his InstaStory.

He explained that almost every day many loyal fans of the Love Association asked about Reyna’s fate. They did not hesitate to send direct messages to Fara Shakila’s mother regarding the possibility of Reyna lifting the suitcase from the Love Association.

The account @andrianasafitri29, shared a screenshot of a direct message from a loyal fan of the Ikatan Cinta who asked Mama Neti about the fate of Fara Shakila.

It was stated in the direct message that the information circulating regarding the departure of Fara Shakila from the Love Association was only false news.

The @adrianadafitri29 account asks that citizens be smart and not be carried away by the flow of unclear information.

Through his upload, he hopes that the Love Association fans will no longer ask about Fara’s exit from the Love Association.

The reason is, he feels sorry for Mama Neti because he has to reply to direct messages that enter his Instagram.

“It was explained in the story last night. Still asking questions, just 3 DMs, yesterday 5 DMs,” he wrote.

The account also asked citizens not to immediately believe the issues circulating in cyberspace.

“Stop being a netizen who easily swallows raw information.” he explained.

Mama Neti immediately clarified that Fara would not leave the Love Association at all.

Mama Neti has also often conveyed this to almost everyone who asked about it via DM.

In the show Ikatan Cinta, Ricky is currently a fugitive from the police because of the sabotage case of Nino’s car that killed many people.

Based on the story of yesterday’s episode, Ricky has also succeeded in getting Elsa and Nino to divorce because of his actions.

In addition, Ricky is also currently targeting Alfahri’s family to avenge Andin for taking him to the police station.

However, who knows who will be the victim of Ricky’s crime and not necessarily killed either.

Andin has also tightened security at his house so that Ricky is not free to do heinous things to his family.***

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