CLEVER! Andin Tells Nino to do this, Elsa’s husband bows down, lethargic, returns home with a cake from Reyna, a bond of love

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Andin doesn’t want to be blamed by Elsa for interfering too much in the household affairs of Nino and his stepsister.

Originally, Nino was told that now he knows the secret that Elsa has been hiding regarding Keisya’s biological father, Ricky’s version of the fake DNA letter.

Nino gets a gift containing Keisya’s DNA letter that Ricky forged. Nino also received a letter from Ricky regarding the explanation of everything.

Nino was immediately angry and immediately went home. He called Elsa first and made sure Elsa was home.

Elsa said that she was at home. Nino said that Elsa should not go anywhere because she wanted to talk about something.

Arriving at home, Nino immediately went to his room. He finds Elsa sleeping.

Nino forced Elsa to wake up. Nino snapped and scolded his wife. He revealed all the secrets that had been hidden by Elsa.

Elsa was silent and could not answer anything. Nino asked Elsa to explain everything. Usually, he said, Elsa could always explain everything.

However, Elsa just sat quietly listening to Nino’s tirade which continued to increase in intensity.

Not long after, Nino plans to return Elsa to Papa Surya and Mama Sarah’s house. Elsa rebelled and did not want to go home to her parents.

What can I do, Elsa couldn’t resist and Nino forced her into the car.

Mama Karina asked Nino to be fine and not to get angry. But Nino is no longer able to be patient with Elsa’s behavior.

As a result, Elsa begged Nino not to be sent back to her parents’ house.

When it rains heavily, Elsa and Nino speak with their respective arguments. But Nino’s decision was unanimous and wanted to return Elsa to her house.

Nino couldn’t tolerate all of Elsa’s mistakes. Andin’s sister kept lying and couldn’t change.

On the way home after dropping Elsa home, Nino stopped at a cake shop. He was confused and didn’t want to go home because he was worried that Mama Karina would ask what happened.

Nino accidentally met Andin and Reyna. Andin knows Nino is not okay. Alahsil, after Nino had a taste with Reyna, Andin told Reyna to go first to the cake shop.

In the parking lot, there were only Andin and Nino. Then, Andin asked what was wrong with Nino.

Nino slowly explained everything that happened, but Andin seemed normal and showed suspicion.

Sure enough, Andin knew from the start that Ricky was Keisya’s biological father based on the DNA letter he received.

Nino asked if Andin had known from the start about Keisya and Ricky’s problems. Andin was silent and did not give an answer.

So what’s the next story? What will Andin answer.

Chances are Andin will explain everything to Nino. Andin knows everything but he doesn’t want to interfere in Elsa and Nino’s household affairs.

Nino was angry and why didn’t Andin tell Nino directly. Andin snapped at Nino and said if he told Nino everything, Elsa would hate him even more.

Andin asks Nino to doubt the DNA test results given by Ricky. There is a possibility that Keisya’s DNA test results are fake.

Nino was silent and finally went home with the cake that Reyna had given him.

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