Arya Saloka’s moves to ward off negative comments after withdrawing from the bond of love, Amanda Manopo’s reaction makes her happy

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“Actors must continue to improve themselves,” he explained.

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Arya Saloka concluded that an actor must be good at playing roles. He affixed the words of the famous Russian theater actor, Konstantin Stanislavski about the world of acting.

“In short, an actor must play his role (in the sense of experiencing/feeling) so that Stanislavsky himself will say “I believe!” he explained.

Previously, Arya Saloka did a live Instagram, and stated that he would not return to the Love Association at this time.

“I can answer now why I haven’t returned (to the Love Association). Then will I return? I don’t know. Will I come back? I also don’t know,” he said.

He doesn’t mind if his answer is considered a loyal fan of the Love Association, gray aka there is no clarity and floating.

“It is said that my answer is gray, I really don’t know (whether Aldebaran will return to the Ikatan Cinta storyline or not),” he said.

He said that if fans were curious about the certainty of when Arya Saloka would return to filming, then he said he would not return to the Love Association in the near future.

“But if you really want an answer now, now I’m not coming back. Well, the answer is, I’m not coming back, so if you really want to watch it, please watch it. Satisfied, yes,” he said.

Arya Saloka does not know for sure whether he will return or not to the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

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