Mount Malang Hot Springs Bogor: Tourist Attractions, Location Access and Entrance Tickets

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Mount Malang Hot Springs Bogor

Read More – For those of you who are looking for a hot spring that is cheap and still natural, this place seems suitable to be visited, because the price of the entry ticket is cheap and affordable, which is Rp. 5,000 only/person.

This natural hot spring is located in Bogor, precisely in the Malang Mountain area, the location is indeed not very visible from public routes, because its position is located in the middle of community rice fields, but can always be passed by minibus type vehicles or motorbikes.

Mount Malang Hot Springs Bogor

Photo by match TR (Mount Malang Bogor Hot Springs)

Mount Malang Hot Springs Bogor

Photo by AAN Aly1

Not only this unique hot spring pool, in fact beside it there is also a river whose water is so clear and clean. It’s fun to play in this river, the water is clear and very refreshing, basically if you go to the hot springs of Mount Malang, don’t forget to try playing in this river, of course you will be addicted.

Indeed the pool is not big enough, because the water that comes out of the ground is also small. So, this is just a resident’s hot spring in the middle of the rice fields which is often visited by tourists from around the Kab. Bogor.

Mount Malang Hot Springs Bogor

Photo by Antoncatlaw

Hot Springs in the Tourism Village of Mount Malang, so this cheap tourist attraction is called. The management is still simple because it is self-managed by the community. It’s just that the water here is a little cloudy and brownish. The bathing pool is also not very big, only 5 m long and 3 m wide, which is then divided into 3 parts.

Not only hot springs, this tour is also equipped with a beautiful courtyard that surrounds it, which consists of various types of beautiful ornamental trees. Nearby there is also a small river with large rocks which is perfect for having fun and taking pictures with the family. The surrounding nature is also so charming with views of Mount Salak and beautiful green rice fields that stretch very widely.

Mount Malang Hot Springs Bogor

Photo by AAN Aly (Mount Malang Bogor Hot Springs)

Mount Malang Hot Springs Bogor

Photo by Abdul Rachman

During holidays, this hot spring is quite a lot visited by those who will soak like in a whirlpool, but with real hot water directly from the earth’s crust. With a small and not very deep pool, it is impossible to swim here. What is certain is that we can soak in the hot steam bubbles. Not only for relaxation, bathing and bathing here is believed to be able to treat various diseases.

The bathhouse is located in one of the villages that is the gateway for climbing to Peak-2 Mount Salak, so there is nothing wrong after climbing take time to bathe the body here to warm the body and loosen tense and tired body muscles from walking uphill and downhill .

Mount Malang Hot Springs Bogor

Photo by Aditya Maulana

Mount Malang Hot Springs Bogor

Photo by novi Andayani (Mount Malang Bogor Hot Springs)

For those who want to spend the night at the foot of the mountain, in this village there are safe villas for rent.

Mount Malang Hot Spring

Location : Mount Malang, Tenjolaya, Bogor

HTM : IDR 5,000

That’s a brief review about “Mount Malang Bogor Hot Springs: Tourist Attractions, Location Access and Entrance Tickets” when do you take a hot shower here?


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