Mami Sisca Mellyana Looks Bohay Without Bra, Netizen: Putting Torch

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SISCA Mellyana always exposes sexy poses on social media. For example, posing on the bed, Mami Sisca looks seductive without a bra.

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This friend of Aunt Ernie’s sexy photo wearing white lingerie. Her chest is in the spotlight, because she doesn’t wear a bra.

Sitting on a white bed, Sisca Mellyana’s appearance invites attention. Her face is cute with light makeup with her hair tied up.

Sisca’s eyes make anyone immediately stunned. Hey, moreover, the men don’t seem to blink when they see Mami Sisca’s pose.

He showed this moment while in a villa that made him fall in love. Yes, Sisca was spending her vacation in Bali at that time.

“I really like the villa with the tassels on the bed, it feels like a honeymoon ,” he wrote in the caption column.

Almost some netizens commented on her sexy style. He didn’t even wear a bra, which made netizens even more anesthetized.

“Thunderstorm,” wrote a netizen.

“Transparent guys,” said another.

“Uhh, it’s actually refreshing,” added another netizen.

“The default is hot, mi,” said another.


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