Celebrity Amelia NS only uses a small amount of material to cover intimate areas, Netizens: Sexy, no medicine!

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CELEBGRAMS Amelia NS shows off sexy poses on Instagram that makes netizens nervous. He did not hesitate to appear openly with super mini clothes.

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Just look at this photo, Amelia NS wearing a white beach bikini.

Because she only wears a bikini, it’s no wonder that her well-maintained beauty is clearly visible.

In order to make her photo even more excited, she added accessories in the form of sunglasses and made a duck face pose behind her sunglasses.

Pose sitting half lying like this makes it even more sexier.


This photo received a lot of praise from netizens. Most of the comments that came in praised Amelia NS’s really bold look in mini outfits.

For example, the following comment, “Sexy and beautiful pose,” said @ekaaida***.

Then, someone made a scathing comment, “It’s useless to be beautiful if you only make ingredients hahaha,” said @antislowres***.

Meanwhile, compliments came from many other netizens:

“Aduuuuhh,” said Sisca Melliana’s aunt.

“I like what you post,” wrote @sitanggang****.

“How do you do that,” said @ramukama**.

“This is what I like,” said @kevk_evin***.



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