Pasirmukti Gardens Bogor: Children’s Tour to Deepen the World of Rice Fields

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Pasirmukti Gardens Bogor

Read More – Outbound or outdoor activities at the Pasir Mukti Tourism Garden where this area has a land area of ​​about 15 hectares is an environmentally friendly agro tourism garden with a natural panorama of green rice fields, between fruit gardens and fishing ponds. Located between the villages of Tajur Village, Pasirmukti, and Gunung Sari, Citeureup District, Bogor, West Java. This tourist destination can be reached from Jakarta in approximately 1 hour.

The Attractions of Pasir Mukti Gardens Outbound Places

Pasirmukti Gardens Bogor
Photo by Caraka Amri Tumianto

Not only is the area cool and safe for outdoor activities such as outbound, the dance energy of the Mukti Sand Tourism Garden is in the themes that are provided quite a lot and vary. And these themes are suitable for various groups. Among others:

Pasirmukti Garden Nature Tourism

Pasirmukti Gardens Bogor
Photo by Andy

The spots presented in this tourist spot are dominated by the theme of agriculture and animal husbandry. In agricultural spots, tourists can carry out various activities such as plowing the fields, or planting rice, and on the theme of animal husbandry one of the activities that can be carried out is catching fish in the pond, this activity is very exciting if you try it together

Pasirmukti Garden Educational Tour

Pasirmukti Gardens Bogor
Photo by Fina Sofiana1

The instagramable photo spots found in mukti sand are very thick with educational values, but are provided in the form of the excitement of traveling. Not only that, there are spots that have cultural value too, this is proven by the form of lodging in the Mukti Sand tourist garden, like a Minahasa traditional house. Finally, not only traveling, friends can also find broader knowledge.

Pasirmukti Garden Family Tour

Pasirmukti Gardens Bogor
Photo by Fina Sofiana

So, this destination is perfect for traveling with a small or large family. It can be the right choice for you and your family who live in Jakarta and want to vacation in a cool place and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Mukti Sand Tourism Gardens can be your choice.

Pasir Mukti Tourism Garden Opening Hours

Pasirmukti Gardens Bogor
Photo by Djoni Johanes Bee

If tourists want to play in this tourist area, they can come to the location every day starting from 08.00-16.00. If they arrive on weekdays there are only a few rides that are not open. So to optimize playing satisfaction arriving at the end of the week is more appropriate.

Prices for Outbound Packages and Pasirmukti Garden Facilities

Pasirmukti Gardens Bogor

::Reasonable Outbound Package: IDR 290. 000,-/ pax( min 25 pax)
::Special Outbound Package: IDR 320. 000,-/ pax( min 20 pax)

Outbound Custom: Prices can be adjusted according to any activity, the facilities used and the duration of the activity. For more details contact to: 081326894433

Pasirmukti Garden Facilities

Pasirmukti Gardens Bogor
Photo by Yani Laeli

The management of the Pasir Mukti Tourism Garden provides various facilities to support the comfort of the visiting tourists. Some of the supporting facilities that have been provided include:

::Parking zone

Pasirmukti Gardens Bogor

Pasirmukti Gardens Bogor Tourism

Pasirmukti Gardens Bogor

Photo by Azis Rubaedi

Pasirmukti Gardens Bogor

Photo by Denisa A

Pasirmukti Gardens Bogor
Location: Pasirmukti Tourism Garden, Jl. Raya Tajur No. Km. 4, Pasir Mukti, Kec. Citeureup, Bogor Regency, West Java
Opening hours: 8AM–4PM WIB
Contact: (021) 87943865

That’s a brief review of “Pasirmukti Bogor Gardens: Children’s Tour to Deepen the World of Rice Fields” when are you slang for your little one to learn agriculture here?


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