Tangerang Portrait Park: Cool Place and Lots of Instagramable Photo Spots

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Tangerang Portrait Park

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Karogaul.com – It is undeniable, at this time our entire society is aware of the importance of tourism. The smallest thing can also be turned into a charming tourist destination, such as a place for selfies and photos. One of them is a park that functions as a shelter as well as a recreation area.

The Cikokol BSD portrait park, located in Tangerang, Banten, is an example. The charm and feel of this area is in great demand by all Tangerang residents who are bored with various activities, piling up work routines, and various reasons for vacation.

Understanding the History of Tangerang Portrait Park

Tangerang Portrait Park

Supri Ono & Vitri Bocil

This entertainment place has an area of ​​5 hectares. Can’t you imagine how big this place is when compared to other parks which are less than 5 hectares wide. This area can accommodate hundreds let alone thousands of people every holiday comes.

History records that the name of this object is not a portrait garden but a selfie garden. The inauguration of this entertainment area was attempted in 2015. With a change of name from selfie to portrait.

In fact, the name of the portrait is very popular with tourists. So, after the name change, this area continues to be crowded. Moreover, it has gone viral on some social media. Most tourists to this place are families.

Wandering the Tangerang Portrait Park

Tangerang Portrait Park
Photographer Marhean

Portrait Park is a Thematic Park that is planned to be established by the government for its citizens. So many interesting and beautiful picture spots. Therefore, tourists must and must bring a DSLR camera when visiting here.

Pictures and photos are 2 things that cannot be separated from this area. Certainly, everyone will be jealous of the beauty that is presented. Floods of likes and comments on social media can also occur. So, don’t be surprised if that’s the case.

Tangerang Portrait Park

Dimas Nugroho

The icon of this tourist destination is a dancing statue with a red pattern. When viewed in depth, this statue uses traditional clothing, accompanied by movements such as a traditional dance typical of Surabaya, namely the Lenggang Dance.

Generally, many tourists take photos of this dancer statue. So, tourists must be a little patient if they want to take this point too. Behind this graceful dancer is a replica of the ship, much like the original.

This ship is brown in color, a kind of pinishi ship that is very majestic and charming. The screen expands like it is located in the middle of the open sea. On this ship is written “I Love TNG” which stands for Aku Cinta Tangerang.

Tangerang Portrait Park

Rudi Romdoni

Behind it, there is a cute and adorable spot. So one of the favorites for children who visit here. There is a hippopotamus, bathing in the water.

Hippos are very friendly and docile and easy to ride. He also does not want to be angry or angry because, this hippopotamus is a statue. So, comfortable, safe, and peaceful. It’s really adorable, if our child is at this point, don’t miss it.

Tangerang Portrait Park

aji baroto

Tangerang Portrait Park
Mr. fikah coffee machine

Walking back behind there is an old bridge with a classic style. This bridge seems to emphasize the memory of the love of grandparents. On the right and left of this bridge there is a chess monument.

The size of this monument is approximately 5 m, crowned with a fortress tower. Why mandatory Fort? Why not the King or the minister? The reason is because, Tangerang City is also known as the City of Fortress.

So, with the arrival of this fort, it displays the icon of Tangerang as an impressive, beautiful, and beautiful fortress. This fort icon also has a history. Why can it be named as the city of the Citadel?

Tangerang Portrait Park

NM Ubaidillah

Tangerang Portrait Park

Fadilah akbar

Tangerang is indeed popular with the welfare of ethnic Chinese citizens. Ethnic here is popular with a Chinese Fort. This speech was born during the reign of the Tang dynasty. How long has it been?

Walking back again there is a fairly wide ditch. The majority of people say this ditch as the cisadane river. Where, the cisadane river has also become an icon of the city of Tangerang. After that at the end of this bridge and across it there is a pavilion.

The style of this pavilion is kind of typical of Betawi, Jakarta. Where Betawi cultural customs also influence some aspects of Tangerang culture. This culture starts from the Citarum river to the west of the Cisadane river.

Tangerang Portrait Park

Jack Umara Official

Tangerang Portrait Park

Ganis Abdul Hafiz

Already? Just like this? Wait a minute, don’t rush. There are still many cool reviews of this park that have not been discussed yet. On the north side there is still a slide which is generally used as a children’s play facility.

On the south side there are 2 statues of fat people, a kind of fatigue with irregular breathing. In this section there is also a green grass. No wonder many families also bring lunch and introduce a warm and romantic garden atmosphere.

Fandy BA

Fandy BA

If you forget to bring lunch or it can be very troublesome? Just relax, on this tour there is a Snack Garden. Where there are many culinary snacks to choose from with prices and flavors that will be left behind as a beautiful memory.

How many tenants are there in this place? Uniquely, this hawker garden appears until late at night. So, don’t be afraid to lose.

There is also a key garden, which stands for Butterfly and Rabbit Gardens. Excited and very cute the two animals here. For sure, kids will love it. Moreover, there are rabbits and Papuan guinea fowl.

f3y wiro

f3y wiro

Herman Shah

Herman Shah

Tourists can also see how the staff distributes food to these animals. Have been satisfied watching them eat. When he left for Cikokol Park. Where there is a giant net cage containing amazingly charming ornamental plants.

In Cikokol Park or also called the bamboo garden, there is also a place for chargers. So, don’t worry about losing the battery because it’s made of portraits.

Route and Location

Early Sapphire
Early Sapphire

Address This park is located on Sudirman Line, Babakan Village, Kec. Tangerang, Tangerang City, Banten. Its position in the city center. Making a route to this area is very easy and not very difficult.

Tourists from the Bogor and Serpong areas can use the map application or online maps. In fact, there are many signposts that can be used as tourist guides to places that do not have closing hours and open or 24 hours, until the evening.

Rudi Romdoni1
Rudi Romdoni1
Then, where is the parking location? So, that’s the minus in this tour. The absence of this parking space can leave vehicles at Tangsel Mall City. from this mall area tourists can walk.

Can also use universal transportation. With affordable and safe rates. Using public transportation is the most recommended way. To be free from parking problems.

Poret Park is a beautiful park in the Tangrengan area. Exciting, fun, and fun are 3 words like that that can be given to describe the state of this area. Curious? Just visit the Cikokol area, South Tangerang.


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