Bandung City Square: The Most Fantastic Family Hangout Place with an Instagrammable View

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Bandung City Square
– An excursion to the city of Bandung will not be complete if you have not visited the center of Bandung, namely the Bandung City Square.

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And in each region or city, the square that is formed also generally has a different concept and design, which makes a certain uniqueness for the city. Likewise with the city of Bandung.

For those of you who have been to the city of Bandung or often to the city of Bandung, you must come to enjoy the various conveniences provided at the Bandung City Square which describes the center of Bandung.

Bandung city square

Bandung City Square

Bandung Square is located to the south of Grote Postweg which has now been used as the Plaza Masjid Raya Bandung

This square has been undergoing renovations many times, and the last time it was renovated was in 2014. Until finally, on December 31, 2014, the Bandung city square was appointed by the mayor of Bandung.

Bandung city square at night

Bandung City Square

This tourist destination has an area of ​​​​approximately 1,200 square meters. Bandung city square is filled with various facilities, ranging from children’s playgrounds, library parks, and to support the activities of young people, this place is also equipped with wifi network facilities.

To the north of the square, you can create a fairly long bus terminal as a facility accessory in the downtown area of ​​Bandung.

Bandung city square is one of the areas perched on hits that are liked by the people of Bandung.

Bandung Square Tour

Bandung City Square
A Yudhisthira

Not only free, this place is also very exotic and interesting to visit, especially Bandung Square is included in the lineup of Eid tourism destinations in Bandung or the Bandung New Year tourist area which is visited by many tourists and you can say this tour is the center of community activities in the city of Bandung.

1. Bandung City Square Revolution

Since the city of Bandung was led by the Mayor, Ridwan Kamil, who is a graduate from ITB majoring in architectural engineering, it seems that the city of Bandung has been changed back into a newer and more memorable city.

The city, dubbed as Paris Van Java, seems to never stop in beautifying itself. One of the facts about the beautification of the city of Bandung that he tried was the new face of Bandung City Square.

Bandung City Square

Aning Riyukiy

Bandung City Square

Maya Hsb

Bandung City Square, which was once famous for its slum and disorderly impression, has now transformed into a cool and exciting new Bandung tourist spot for the people of Bandung.

At present, the large pots located in the middle of the square have been removed and replaced with a football field made of green synthetic grass with an area of ​​about 1,200 m2.

So now, the square area also seems to be wider. and has been used as a refreshing area for the people of Bandung.

2. Bandung square at night

Not only can it be enjoyed in the morning, afternoon and evening, but Bandung Square can also be enjoyed when the sky is black or at night.

Here there are several zones that can be used as picture spots for selfie lovers and the results are definitely very instagrammable.

Bandung City Square

Jetri Yonizal

In the north corner of the square there is a white carpet that reads “Bandung Champion” which can be used as the object of the image after that in the south corner of the field there are words that form the letters “Bandung”.

Not only that, this place has also been equipped with colorful lamp knick-knacks that make it look more colorful again.

Bandung City Square

Bastian AS

Bandung City Square
Mia Atekomara

Now that Bandung Square is a beautiful and green area in the middle of the Flower City, its presence has become a particular magnet for tourists both local and outside the region.

Now the area, which is known to be slum and unoccupied, has become a place for tourists, especially families and young people to chat and sit around while enjoying a variety of traditional Bandung snacks.

3. Bandung City Square Mosque

Bandung City Square
Muhammad Fahmi Yusuf

Not far from the Bandung city square zone, there is a magnificent mosque or what is known as the Bandung Grand Mosque, this dream mosque in the city of Bandung adds to the beauty of the Bandung city square.

Price of admission

Bandung City Square
Ilham Ismail

Even though it has been renovated and made safer with various facilities that support the activities of the Bandung people in it, but to be able to feel the atmosphere of the beauty of the city of Bandung from this square, it is free!

Location of Bandung City Square

Bandung City Square
Ulfian Hamdani

For tourists who come from outside the Bandung city area who want to visit Bandung Square, they can directly come to the Asia-Africa Line, Balonggede, Regol, Bandung city.

Of course, this place is located in the center of Bandung, which is surrounded by various business centers for the citizens of Bandung.

Bandung City Square

Doel 16

Bandung City Square

cep budhi dharma

Bandung City Square

Arief Hidayat

Such is the review and brief description of “Bandung City Square: The Most Fantastic Family Hangout Place with an Instagramable View” when are you guys traveling to Bandung for this fantastic tourist exploration?


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