To this handsome actor, Maria Vania admits she’s not satisfied yet

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Host Maria Vania. Photo: Instagram/maria_vaniaa

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Beautiful model Maria Vania feels that there are some parts of her body that should be tightened.

Therefore, he admits that he is still not satisfied with his current body shape.

“I feel like I’m still not tight enough,” he said Maria Vania in the Denny Sumargo channel on YouTube which was uploaded on February 6, 2022.

Maria Vania also openly admits to being insecure with all parts of her body.

“I’m still not satisfied with everything,” said Vania, quoted from on Tuesday (24/5).

This beautiful Sundanese-blooded woman said that her dissatisfaction had a positive meaning.

Because, he can continue to do sports or apply a diet to maintain his body shape.

“If you are not satisfied, you want more, more, and more for exercise and diet,” he said.

Maria Vania expressed her dissatisfaction with this handsome actor. That’s what he said.

The celebrity who was born on April 16, 1991 said that sport is an addiction for him.

Because he was overweight. “Ideal weight 46 kilograms,” he said.(jlo/jpnn)


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