The Illusion Bogor : Photo Tour with Unique and Exotic Photo Spot Concept

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The Illusion Bogor

Read More – Comes with a contemporary design concept, The Illusion Bogor is one of the must-visit photo hunting tourist destinations. Having a unique concept, The Illusion has emerged as a top choice of tourism for the public or tourists.

The Illusion Bogor

The Illusion Bogor
Photo by deri yanto

Bogor, which is famous for its natural attractions and delicious cuisine, is currently trending because it offers unique and exotic tours, the concept of which is photo tourism.

The Illusion is a photo tour that has a very unique 3D trick-art, trick-eye, and upside down spots. So do not be surprised if this tour is always crowded with tourists who visit.

The Illusion Bogor

Photo by Chika Ayugtg Mustika

The Illusion Bogor

Photo by Nurcahyo H. Purnomo

Photo by Tina Susanti

In The Illusion there are various cool picture spots, such as Giant and Dwarf or photographed with giants, Effects of glass illusions, Split bodies, Dolphin rides, Sitting Floating, and other cool illusions.

If you happen to be looking for a Bogor tourist destination with a fresh and unique concept, then The Illusion can be the best option. Unmitigated, there are 55 image spots that combine 3D themes, upside down, trick art, and trick eyes here that you can try.

Facilities at The Illusion Bogor Tourism Zone

The Illusion Bogor
Photo by Cerly Soi Pio

The Illusion Bogor

Photo by Rully Damayanti

For those of you who want to visit this tour, you don’t need to be afraid because this place has provided supporting facilities to provide service and comfort to visiting tourists. Among the facilities provided include:

::Installation photo
::Rubbish bin
::Food court

Location of The Illusion Bogor

The Illusion Bogor
Photo by Disability Technician

The Illusion is located at The Jungle Mall, so it’s easy to get. This Instagramable tourist destination is suitable to be visited together with your beloved family, including minors. Because all the properties provided are very popular, kid friendly, you know.

Location: Jl. Tirta Tawar Nirwana Raya, Number. 119 (Inside The Jungle Mall)

The Illusion Bogor ticket price

The Illusion Bogor
Photo by Meilinda Rosmala Dewi Doloksaribu

The Illusion Bogor

Photo by Imam Gunawan

Tourists who want to be photographed in this place must be prepared to dig deep into their pockets. Because to enjoy the fun of taking pictures here, the entrance ticket is quite expensive. Ticket prices to enter this tour, prices start from IDR 60,000 for weekdays and IDR 70,000 for weekends.

::Working Days (Monday-Friday)

–> IDR 60,000

:: Weekends (Saturday – Weekends) and Holidays
–> IDR 70. 000

The Illusion Bogor Operational Hours

The Illusion Bogor
Photo by Hey Setya

The Illusion is open every day from morning to evening. Open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

::Monday – Friday 09. 00 – 17. 00 Wib
::Saturday – Sunday 09. 00 – 19. 00 Wib

The Illusion Bogor

Photo by Rita Anita

The Illusion Bogor

Photo by Ramdani Ahmad

The Illusion Bogor

Photo by Dega Arivianto

That’s a brief review of “The Illusion Bogor: Photo Tour with a Unique and Exotic Photo Spot Concept” when are you guys traveling to this cool and slang place, the photo spots are really fun, you know. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


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