Tanboy Kun apologizes, now go directly to Irfan Hakim’s house

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The content ended up being hospitalized and sparked a dispute between Tanboy Kun and Irfan Hakim. Because of taking part in the challenge of eating the hottest chips, Irfan Hakim and several of his crew were rushed to the hospital.

Irfan Hakim had expressed his disappointment. Finally, Irfan Hakim was furious and disappointed because Tanboy Kun said what happened to him was just a gimmick and a sensation.

“Usually it’s artists, dramas, who bully too-that’s all the victims of Instagram gossip accounts, but there are also many who understand and I’ve asked many times before posting if you’re not strong, don’t force it,” said Tanboy Kun in the comment column.

“And actually, I just went to the hospital for a while, I just slept, after that we made content again, but that means we really have to make thumbnails and edit videos in dramatization, plus a gossip account and the artist is also okay from that day on. I’ve been laughing for sure seeing this comment,” he explained again.

Irfan Hakim was very disappointed with Tanboy Kun. Yesterday, Irfan also poked the YouTuber again to apologize.

Finally, today Tanboy Kun apologized to Irfan Hakim through a video he uploaded on his Instagram.

“Sorry to Bang Irfan Hakim and the team, especially the viewers of his channel deHakims and Tanboy kun. I’m just a young person, maybe I’ve had problems too. It’s not possible, I was wrong. So I apologize and ask for future guidance from you, “said Tanboy Kun.

“I’ve chatted with Bang Irfan, but haven’t replied to meet and apologize. I hope you are always healthy,” concluded Tanboy Kun.

Judging from his Instagram Story page, Tanboy Kun was seen heading to Irfan Hakim’s house.

Irfan Hakim and some of his crew were rushed to the hospital after eating the hottest chips. Irfan admitted that he wanted to die after eating the chips.

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