Fort Pabangbon Bogor: Nature Tourism that Presents Various Unique and Instargamble Photo Spots

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Pabangbon Fort Bogor

Read More – Bogor is indeed famous from its peak on Mount Gede Pangrango, but the increasingly popular place makes it more crowded and less enjoyable to enjoy.

If you are looking for a quiet natural tourist destination that offers many exciting things in Bogor, you must look at the charm of the beauty of Pabangbon Leuwiliang Panorama tourism or commonly abbreviated as Papa.

This natural area is in the Perhutani Meranti pine forest area or located on the north side of Mount Halimun Salak National Park.

Pabangbon Fort Bogor

Photo by Udin Wahyudin

In addition, its location at an altitude of more than 700 meters, precisely in the mountainous area of ​​Fort Bogor, makes this tourist spot has a beautiful natural panorama of hills that are pleasing to the eye.

This nature tourism has become a new destination for Bogor residents. because it not only offers a beautiful natural panorama, but many other attractions that are tucked in to make it so impressive.

Pabangbon Fort Attraction

Enjoy Various Fantastic Photo Spots.

Pabangbon Fort Bogor
Photo by Fitri Yana

The uniqueness of Pabangbon Panorama is its photo vehicle, while on vacation in this tourist area you will be treated to several contemporary spot objects.

Starting from butterfly wings, boat substations, bird cages, heart-shaped designs, giant hand pancawara, sky swings, crescent moons, dwarf houses, hot air balloons and all of them combined with a beautiful panorama of green hills.

Pabangbon Fort Bogor

Photo by novi anggraeni

Pabangbon Fort Bogor

Photo by A Sutisna

Plus, this tourist area is also equipped with a pedestrian bridge that connects to several photo spots located on steep cliffs, from here some visitors can feel the fresh breeze typical of the peak.

Not infrequently the bridge deck is also one of the background objects for taking pre-wedding or pre-wedding photos.

Instagramable Tree House.

Pabangbon Fort Bogor
Photo by Rachmat Mulyadi

What makes this natural vacation spot so hits and popular by many tourists is that there is a house attached to a tree and the shape is quite beautiful.

So it is not surprising that this natural recreation area in Bogor is often referred to as the Pabangbon Tree House.

Not only to be seen from a distance, the tree house or tree house in Pabangbon can also be climbed, because the building that hangs in the trees is also equipped with a ladder.

Like other substation spots, the beauty of this tree house is also a target for acting competition with camera shots for dancing holiday moments.

Cozy Game Rides.

Pabangbon Fort Bogor
Jihan Amanda

Pabangbon Fort Bogor
Photo by Herman Manoch
Besides presenting an instagramable photo spot, Pabangbon tourism also offers fun games.

One of them is a kite bike that uses an iron rope as a track, and this ride is quite extreme because the route is between a ravine.

Although it’s quite an adrenaline rush, tourists don’t need to worry, because this attraction is equipped with security in the form of a rope that is quite tested and meets the standards.

If you feel that flying bicycles are less challenging, you can try other rides that make your heart beat like Flying Fox.

Pine Forest that refreshes the eyes and mind.

Pabangbon Fort Bogor
Photo by novi anggraeni

Indeed, not all tourists who visit like to take pictures, and even they just want to find peace in the wild.

Even so, you can come up with other interesting activity ideas, one of which is exploring the pine forest, to enjoy the coolness of nature away from the crowds is an activity that makes our minds happy.

While relaxing on a hammock hanger, walking under the shade of the pine or hanging out on some wooden chairs is a very refreshing thing to do.

Camping & Bathing.

Pabangbon Fort Bogor
Photo by Nadhifa Shakiya

If you are an adventurous nature lover or are looking for a camping destination in nature with friends, you can use the Pabangbon camping ground as a location to set up a tent.

It is undeniable, the cool natural conditions and very clean air make this area so special as a place to camp away from the hustle and bustle of the bustling city.

Not only as an adventurer with friends, Camping Ground Pabangbon is also recommended to be enjoyed with family, because the needs for tents and locations have been provided by the manager so that we don’t need to be tired of preparing equipment.

Location of Pabangbon Fort

Pabangbon Fort Bogor
Photo by Akil Munir

This nature tourism is located in the Pabangbon Village Area, Leuwiliang District, Bogor Regency, West Java Province.

The tourist area in Pabangbon itself is about 27 kilometers from the center of the Bogor capital, namely Cibinong.

You can use the Jalan Leuwiliang route or Jl. Raya Dramaga, but the most recommended is via Jl. Leuwiliang because it is quiet smoothly and can be accessed by cars and motorbikes.

Pabangbon Fort Bogor

Photo by M S Fahreeza

After arriving in the Leuwiliang area, you can continue your journey to the Kracak intersection, then turn left through Jalan M. Noh Nut until you reach SMP 4 Leuwiliang.

From there you can go straight through the hillside road until you meet the Meranti Research forest area.

The entrance continues for a few meters and you have arrived at the Gunung Benteng area which is where Panorama Pabangbon is located.

Pabangbon Fort Entrance Ticket

Pabangbon Fort Bogor
Photo by novi anggraeni

How much does it cost to enter the current Leuwiliang Tree House or Panorama Pabangbon tour?

Visitors will be charged a ticket fee of IDR 15,000 per person. Next, the parking fee for the vehicle you bring is IDR 5,000 per motor and IDR 10,000 for the car.

However, when enjoying various photo spots, tourists need to pay an additional fee of around IDR 5,000 per place, and if you want to use the services of a photographer, then you need to pay IDR 10,000 for 5 pictures.

Pabangbon Fort Opening Hours

For operational hours, visits to the Mount Fort Pabangbon tourist attraction are every day starting at 08.00 WIB. morning to evening at 15.00 WIB.

Pabangbon Fort Facilities

Pabangbon Fort Bogor
Photo by Jaka Sembung

What are the facilities provided by Pabangbon tourism? of course very diverse, including;

::Spacious parking area.
:: Comfortable prayer room.
::Clean Toilets.
:: Food stalls and delicious drinks stalls.
::Gazebo or lounge to relax.
::Camping ground is cool.
::Great photographer service

Thus a brief review of “Pabangbon Fort Mountain Nature Tour, Bogor: Offering Various Instargamble Photo Spots.” Are you interested in exploring this cozy and cool place?


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