Wahana Alam Bakukung Bogor: The Most Suitable Place to Enjoy the Green Susana of Pine Forests and Tea Gardens

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Bogor Bakukung Nature Rides

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Karogaul.com – Simultaneously with the progress and rapid development of dense cities to the point of entering work activities, many people choose natural tourist areas as destinations to seek peace, this makes some areas continue to compete in presenting new natural attractions that are uniquely and attractively made .

The Bogor area is no exception, although it is known to be quite charming from its peak tourism, then it does not make this area just stand still, there are a lot of new tourism developments that have been tried by tourism managers in Bogor, such as the use of protected forests and plantation areas.

Bogor Bakukung Nature Rides

Photo by novi anggraeni

For a charming and interesting family vacation destination in the rainy city of Bogor, you can travel to the Cianten area, where you will find the beauty of a fresh and green Tea Garden which is managed directly by PTPN VIII.

But it’s not just plantations that are the main attraction, because this area was raised as an adventurous object called Bakukung Tourism.

Bogor Bakukung Nature Rides

Photo by Fddk Didik

The Bakukung Nature Tourism Area itself is at the foot of Mount Halimun, and is located in the Mount Halimun Salak National Park (TNGHS) zone.

There are lots of exciting things that are served in this viral hit natural destination, starting to relax or have an adventure exploring various natural rides.

So that you don’t wonder what you want to do in this Cianten nature tour, here are some of the attractions that you can make fun activities while in this tourist spot.

Bakukung Attraction

Bogor Bakukung Nature Rides
Photo by Agung Kurnia Nugraha

Bakukung Love Hall.
The tunnel road with green plant booths located in the Cianten Bakukung zone is an attraction for millennials to find a romantic yet serene feel.

This Bakukung passageway is an asset from the Dutch era, in addition to having a beautiful and safe feel, this tunnel is also equipped with a relaxing sofa which is often used by tourists as a place to rest while perched with companions.

While in the middle of this Bakukung love aisle, you are also treated to a selfie booth or a deck with stairs to enjoy the beautiful greenery of nature from the top corner of the substation.

Pine forests.

Bogor Bakukung Nature Rides
Photo by novi anggraeni

After exploring the alley of love, you will find the Bakukung Pine Forest which is very wide with undulating plains on the hill.

In the past, the majority of pine forest plantations were used as production forests, but for now the pine area is also used as a tourist area. such is the case in the Bakukung area.

Game Vehicles.

Why is Bakukung tourism very suitable as an adventurous destination with families? which is a vehicle for the game.

There are games that are popular with tourists when visiting this area, for example, adrenaline pumping through the flying fox ride, archery is aiming at a target with a fee of Rp. 10. 000,- only. and all these activities you can meet after passing through the aisle of love.

Natural stage.

Bogor Bakukung Nature Rides

After spending trekking on foot in the tunnel of love, you will also find a row of relaxing areas that have been laid out nicely.

Relaxing on the sofa while relaxing under the thick pine is something that really relaxes our bodies.

Located in a sloping hill zone, this destination is designed with lots of sofas and a stage like in the pine area of ​​Mangunan Jogja.

But if you want to be extraordinarily relaxed with your family, you can use a row of huts or gazebos provided by the tour manager as a place to relax or laze.

Peak Substation Spot.

Bogor Bakukung Nature Rides
Photo by Yani Laeli

When you have felt satisfied relaxing, and want to feel the sensation of the feel of the peak from a height? You can continue up the hill, there will be a selfie tower.

The expanse of the beauty of the forest or plantation is a meal that you can enjoy optimally from the top of this substation.

Not only that, tourists also often capture their vacation moments when climbing the viewing deck for impressive image results.

Because this Bakukung area is also designed with several modern instagramable spots such as several substations, bird cages or cute writing on trees, triangular houses and others.

Bogor Bakukung Nature Rides

Photo by Khairul Umam

Tea plantation.

Besides the beauty of pine, Bakukung tourism also offers a very wide green tea plantation.

It is undeniable that the green charm of tea plantations and the combination of mountain scenery in the popular Cianten tourist area is very pleasing to the eye, which is accompanied by the cool clean and fresh air and anyone who arrives will always miss it.

Location of Bakukung

Bogor Bakukung Nature Rides
Photo by Rudyanto A. Wibisono

Administratively, Bakukung Tourism is located in the Cianten Village Area, Kel. Purasari, district. Leuwiliang, Kab. Bogor, West Java.

It is approximately 24 kilometers from the center of Leuwiliang, with an uphill road. You can visit this romantic place by using a private vehicle.

Bakukung Entrance Ticket Prices

How much is the latest Bakukung tour ticket price? still quite affordable and cheap if you look at the charm that we can get, which is Rp. 20. 000, – per person and freely enjoy all the picture spots available. The next for the parking fee for the motorbike that you bring is Rp. 5. 000,-

After that, the operational hours of the Bakukung tourist visit are 07. 00 am to 17. 00 Wib. afternoon.

Bakukung Facilities

Bogor Bakukung Nature Rides
Photo by Farrah Himawan

There are many facilities built by the manager so that tourists can feel comfortable while on vacation, including;

:;Parking tours.
::Islamic Prayer Room.
::Relaxing sofa.

Hopefully the data about the Bakukung Cianten Tourism above can be useful as a guide for your vacation.

Always be grateful for the blessings that God has shared with our country by maintaining cleanliness, especially when we are in this tourist spot.


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