No need to take off your clothes, ready to be wiped, here’s the trick

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Adult magazine model, Sassha Carissa unloads the most fitting moves to make couples satisfied making love even though they are not naked.

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First, leave the panties. Sassha Carissa said, this can add to the moment of making love so excited.

Moreover, her partner wears a skirt. Duh how hot it is.

“If you want it even hotter, gently massage her vitals with her underwear,” he explained, judging by the YouTube Channel Popular Magazine titled Friday Night Tips, Tuesday (17/5/2022).

Second, treat the bra with a relaxed.

It also has a different sensation you know. Try slipping one finger in her bra strap, lower it slowly after that fold the bra cup.

“So there’s no need to let go. It’s ready to be rubbed and sucked,” Sassha muttered coquettishly.

Third, play buttons.

Slowly open your partner’s buttons. But not too much, just a little, the important thing is to be open.

Your hand goes into his chest, hanging intimately.

Fourth, change the zipper into a sex toy.

Even though your ‘missile’ is closed with a zipper, it’s still an exciting moment to chat.

Fifth, enjoy sweeter.

If your partner is wearing a sweeter outfit, you can just take off the bra.

Let the sweeter feathers stick and rub your partner’s nipples.

“So it’s a bit amused how it is. You just have to enjoy it,” he exclaimed. (dra/dawn)


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