Here’s How Hotman Paris Lifts Aspri, Meets Once Directly Japri

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Lisa herself is the 27th beautiful lawyer aspri. The 170 cm woman has been working for four months.

To detikcom, Lisa Oktaviani explained how Hotman Paris raised himself to be a natural man. He admits it happened so fast.

“Initially I knew Bang Hotman, I accidentally met at a mall in Jakarta, then I asked for a photo. After that, Bang Hotman asked for my phone number. The second time I met, Bang Hotman immediately adopted me as his husband,” said Lisa.

Lisa Oktaviani admitted that she was very comfortable working with Hotman Paris. Regarding the issue of harassment that had befallen the boss, he felt it was not true.

“Because as long as I’m with Bang Hotman, he’s never been like that. He’s never done anything that can lead to negative things as long as I work with him,” said Lisa.

Lisa Oktaviani stated that Hotman Paris’s wife sometimes follows her husband’s work. Hotman is called a flirt that still has its limits.

“No, it’s because of his work. If it’s not his job, then he can’t be like that. Mother (Bang Hotman’s wife) also understands that work is not because of more than that. I often walk with Mom. Mom is behind and it’s okay,” said Lisa.

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