BCL wears a transparent negligee to look sexy and alluring, Netizens: Widows are not just any widows

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Beautiful artist and singer Bunga Citra Lestari or who usually BCL netizens were later highlighted after some of her sexy portraits went viral on social media.

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To make even this one child widow’s style impressed sexy. Several videos that have gone viral on TikTok also show how vulgar this widow of one child looks when on stage.

No wonder many judge that appearance BCL experienced many changes during her time as a widow and looked more and more vulgar.

After previously going viral on TikTok recording BCL wear a super tank top sexy and transparent on stage.

Now TikTok netizens are again shocked by the circulation of the latest video BCL which was posted by the @sribaron account some time ago.

Noah Sinclair’s mother was holding the microphone, preparing to sing a song.
Since Ashraf Sinclair’s departure BCL predicted to have a close relationship with Ariel NOAH.

not alone, BCL recorded with some of his colleagues. It seems the video is from the uploaded Instagram story BCL recently.

Some netizens also had time to argue and couldn’t believe that the female figure in the video was BCL.

However, there are also those who think that the clothes they wear are too revealing. Some even say that the negligee BCL transparent.

“Widows are not just any widows,” wrote @bo***.

“Annoying widow,” wrote @Pu***.

“more and more so,” wrote @ad ***.

“Bcl don’t you see clothes sellers in Jakarta,” wrote @Fa***.



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