Seriously! Anya Geraldine takes off her clothes, Netizens: Fits in the hand

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Almost perfect! That’s roughly what defines celebgram as well as the famous actress Anya Geraldine.

The outfit he wears always inspires women his age. Beautiful face and fantastic body often make insecure.

Anya’s latest portrait, seen from her Instagram page @anyageraldine, Sunday (17/10/2021), shows her on an exotic beach in Bali.

Instagram @anyageraldine

Anya looks graceful in her colorful clothes combined with wrapped cloth and a round hat made of straw that adds to her cute appearance.

This 25-year-old girl only embeds a shy monkey emoji in her caption column.

At least more than 3 thousand comments stormed Anya’s upload. The star of the film Finished has always been a magnet for his fans.

“Split,” muttered @apjuu***.

“You rarely wear clothes, like complex fathers,” exclaimed @erwin ***.

“It fits in the hand,” said @rizki ***. (dra/dawn)


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