Admitting the first intimate relationship at a young age, Celine Evangelista reveals the figure of her ideal man

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But some unexpected information came from Celine.

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When she was young, Celine admitted that she was no longer a virgin.

He openly revealed his intimate relationship with a previous partner.

Celine’s confession suddenly became a hot conversation.

Celine Evangelista did not hesitate to reveal that she had lost her virginity when she was a teenager.

Quoted from YouTube Crazy Nikmir Real, this confession is actually quite old.

This is because the YouTube show was uploaded on March 30, 2021.

Together with Nikita Mirzani, Celine’s conversation immediately got the public spotlight.

Initially, Nikita Mirzani was curious about the first moment Celine Evangelista had a husband and wife relationship.

“Celine Evangelista lost a virgin how old is she?” asked Nikita Mirzani as quoted by Grid.ID, Monday (13/6/2022).

Surprised, Celine Evangelista finally answered that it was her first experience of having a husband and wife relationship with a partner.

“Dozens because I only have a child aged 20,” said Celine Evangelista.

Celine admitted that she dared to open up personal matters because she had given birth to a child at the age of 20 as a result of a relationship with Dirly Idol.

Not denying that she fell in love with her first husband, Celine did not hesitate to reveal the Dirly Idol figure in her eyes.

“I don’t know, I like that person, there are no special criteria, just if that person can make me comfortable, I’m comfortable,” explained Celine Evangelista.

In fact, this mother of 4 children doesn’t seem to care about the physical man who managed to make her comfortable.

As long as it clicks, Celine admits that she will give her whole heart to her partner.

“You want to be handsome, you want to be ugly, you want to be fat, you want to be thin, the important thing is to be comfortable and have money,” concluded Celine Evangelista.

Despite having to separate beds for the second time, Celine admitted that she had to get busy again in the Indonesian entertainment industry.

Even though she has to double as a mother and father to her children, Celine admits that she is comfortable enjoying her current job.

“I work on the TV, not like a stripping soap opera like him (Stefan) who spends almost 24 hours outside.”

“If I’m a TV host, it’s like this, it’s over, then we go home, so I spend more time with the kids,” he said.

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