The Nungging Aura Kasih Pose Makes Netizens Lose Concentration

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Aura Kasih is again making a fuss on social media. He posted a portrait of himself sitting in the rice fields.

What’s the action like? Let’s take a peek at the Instagram page @aurakasih.

Aura Kasih seems to be endlessly stealing the attention of netizens through her beautiful and seductive appearance.

This time, he posted a moment when he played in the fields.

Her style is unusual, Aura Kasih poses while watching a herd of buffalo engrossed in eating grass.

“Nonggeng beeb,” joked Aura Kasih, quoted on Tuesday (11/23/2021).

Aura Kasih pose while waiting in the rice fields (Instagram @aura love)

Shahiyani Febri Wiraatmadja’s sexy body successfully made netizens widen.

How not, while waiting, Aura Kasih’s body leans forward, while the back of her body leans backwards.

In an instant the comments column rumbled. Noise not playing.

Not a few netizens questioned the meaning of Aura Kasih’s waiting style. They also laughed amused because of the funny act.

More than 50 thousand Instagram users like the unusual pose of the singer of the song Mari Bercinta.

“Hmm, favorite style,” said @thoni***.

“Watch out for farts,” exclaimed @mas***.

“Comedy action for today,” said @roffi *** chuckling. (dra/dawn)


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