The charm of Lucinta Luna to become a ring girl, looks stunning with beautiful clothes and wings

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Wearing a mini and tight outfit, netizens praised Lucinta Luna for looking beautiful and excited. Lucinta even wears wings that make her appearance look desperate.

Curious as to what the portrait looks like, read on for more!

Lucinta Luna seems to share her portrait when she became a ring girl

She looks super cute with her hair in a high ponytail

She wears super mini clothes, in the form of a sports bra and tight pants

Lucinta Luna’s outfit is dominated by gold and black

What caught the most attention was the wings hanging on his back

SThe wing is quite large, compensating for Lucinta Luna’s tall body

Lucinta even wrote the caption ‘The real queen wears wings’ in her upload

This portrait is being discussed because Lucinta Luna looks cute

How about this ring girl, cute and cute, right?

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