Gisel’s 7 Sexy Styles Show off Tattoos in Hidden Areas, Netizens: Wow So Close

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FIGURE Gisella Anastasia alias Gisel never escape from the spotlight as a celebrity in the country. Including Gisel’s appearance style which is often called hot mom by Indonesian netizens.

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This is because the mother of one child often appears in a sexy style. Including when posing that shows a number of tattoos on his body, Where are Gisel’s tattoos?

Here’s Gisel’s sexy style of showing off his tattoo, which is summarized from his personal Instagram account @gisel_la, Tuesday (14/6/2022).

Tattoo near the chest


Gisel is posing for grooming eyebrows and eyelashes while sitting on the rocks. She wore a backless yellow dress, so that the sides and back were visible.

As a result, netizens salfok with Gisel’s tattoo under the armpit on the left chest. The tattoo looks red which contrasts with Gisel’s smooth white skin. Netizens also salfok saw Gisel’s tattoo peeking from behind the dress.

“What kind of tattoo is that… like a betta fish fin,” said***

“Beautiful roses, sis❤️@gisel_la,” said @fanotonan***

Smooth back tattoo


Next is when Gisel is on vacation to Singapore. Gisel swims wearing a blue one-shoulder swimsuit posing showing her back.

There are two tattoos on Gisel’s back at once. On the middle back, there is a tattoo with a sunflower picture. While on the upper right back near the shoulder, the tattoo looks like a picture of a girl.

Sexy wearing a cross-back strap bra


This time, Gading Marten’s ex-wife looked sexy wearing a swimsuit in the form of a gray cross back bra and a black trouser suit. Posing standing with his back to the camera, a girl’s tattoo appears on the upper right part of his back.

Sexy on board


This time, Gisel wore a woven cloth outer which made her look even more beautiful and charming. The outer look of the woven cloth that Gisel is wearing is slightly drooping. As a result, giving an effortless sexy impression on his appearance.

In addition, the angle of the photo is taken from behind which shows Gisel’s smooth back. Even this mother of one child’s sexy aura radiates even more.

Enjoy young coconut


In the photo, Gisel is seen enjoying his vacation on the Nusa Dua beach in Bali. You can see more clearly the tattoo of a girl on the right back up close.

Upper right thigh tattoo


Gisel shared a holiday portrait to Tiger Island on his personal Instagram account. One of the activities is snorkeling and playing water on the beach with Gempi.

In this photo, Gisel is wearing a one off shoulder bikini. At this moment, the tattoo on Gisel’s upper right thigh peeked out, although the image was not very clear.

While jogging


In this uploaded photo, Gisel is wearing a white tanktop as a top while jogging. Underneath, he wears shorts of the same color as his top.

In addition, the mother of Gempita also wears a white hat which makes her appearance even more beautiful. Don’t forget Gisel wearing a mask to complete his sporty appearance.

Many netizens praised Gisel’s appearance in this photo upload. However, not a few netizens actually failed to focus on the tattoo on the upper thigh of Gisel’s right leg.

“Sis Gisel is wearing a tattoo, right?” asked @tiaraclaudiasan

“The tattoo is cool,” @riorfmnsyhhh


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