Maria Vania Shows Stomach Piercing, Warganet Alludes to Women’s Crowns

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As if it has become a habit for Maria Vania to show off her curves on social media, especially Instagram.

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It is undeniable that her sexy body is often in the spotlight for netizens.

This time, Maria Vania’s latest upload, which shows off her sexiness, has invited a reprimand from netizens.

So how about a reprimand from Warganet.

Spanish Guitar Body


Photo : Instagram/@maria_vaniaa

Maria Vania’s sexiness is undeniable.

So sexy, the 31-year-old woman’s body was touted like a Spanish guitar.

It is undeniable, Maria Vania’s body is classified as having a body that is a dream for many women.

Even the sexy woman’s upload is not strange if it gets a lot likesespecially from the Adam.

Likewise in his latest upload, where he bravely flaunts an anti distended stomach.

Especially with the piercing that adorns her navel, managed to add a sexy impression to the soap opera actor and presenter, Maria Vania.

Sweetie,” wrote Maria Vania via caption the upload was reported PeekCeleb from Instagram @maria_vaniaa

No wonder the comment column on Maria’s latest upload was immediately attacked by netizens.

As usual, most of them praised the beauty and sexiness of Maria Vania.

Sexy very sis Maria, gemoy,” commented one netizen.

Guitar Spanish embarrassed see thissaid another netizen.

Not infrequently Maria also received indecent comments.

However, it becomes a consequence when you dare to spit sexiness through social media.

Offended by Warganet


Photo : Instagram/@maria_vaniaa

Seeing Maria’s behavior, which seemed to be getting bolder to show off her curves, made netizens who are often dubbed omnipotent, offend her.

As if feeling right, netizens bluntly reminded the 31-year-old woman to be more respectful as a woman.

Open the clothes, ma’am Don’t be ashamed if a child is wearing a closed genitalia,” said one netizen.

A woman’s crown is a shame, how about showing off your genitals, how cheap are you,” said another netizen

Even now, netizens are sarcastic that Maria Vania is ‘cheap’.

However, the soap opera actor and presenter did not respond to these comments.

He looks cool and confident in uploading photos to his heart’s content.


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