BCL’s Sexy Look Wears a Transparent Tanktop Sees Exposed Cleavage and Super Mini Skirt Becomes the Spotlight

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The sexy portrait of Bunga Citra Lestari aka BCL has always been a success in the spotlight.

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The figure of BCL is never deserted from the news and public spotlight.

Especially about his appearance.

BCL is known as one of the artists whose fashion looks never fail.

Moreover, the impression and sexy style seems to be the hallmark of every appearance.

No wonder BCL gets the nickname sexy widow.

Even though he is 39 years old, BCL’s appearance is still very fashionable.

And recently, BCL is back in the spotlight because of its appearance that stole the attention.

This can be seen in the Tiktok video uploaded by the @salvaauraa account.

In the video, it is known that BCL was singing at an event.

At that time, of course, BCL’s appearance immediately became the spotlight.

BCL wears a white sleeveless dress with stripes detailing.

BCL sexy look

BCL sexy look (tiktok.com/salvaauraa)

If you look more closely, the clothes worn by BCL are transparent enough to make them dreamy.

The sexy impression is increasingly visible because the selection of tight clothing exposes her curves.

Plus the collar is quite open so that her cleavage is exposed.

BCL sexy look

BCL sexy look (tiktok.com/salvaauraa)

Not only that, one of the shirt straps that sag also adds to her sexiness.

The selection of a tight pink mini skirt also exposed her smooth thigh area.

The TikTok upload, which has been watched 1.7 million times, suddenly immediately became the spotlight.

Moreover, many netizens commented on BCL’s appearance at that time.

Starting from positive to negative comments from netizens written in the upload.

andstore259 : how come he doesn’t feel sorry for his late husband, he’s still in charge there

Dea A : oufit bcl is getting here and getting there

Riki27rsn : widow is getting in front, ok

Devita : I feel sorry for Asraf, don’t you think @bcl_ashrafsinclair

Suryapainting18 : My ears are right, my eyes are wrong

okamoto 0.01mm : when she was a girl her outfit was brave, now that she’s a single mom, she’s even bolder

bisaaja473: Is it because the husband has left. So this is how it is??

Indrawijayakusumaaaa: Min 2 eyes instantly healed


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