Take a peek at Aldira Chena’s pose in a transparent dress, beware of failing to focus!

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STILL Remember Aldira Chena? The celebrity, dubbed the Medan Barbie netizen, once shocked the entertainment world because she was dragged into an online prostitution case, although it was finally denied.

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Regardless of the news, Aldira Chena is increasingly existing as a beautiful celebrity with a sexy appearance.

Not infrequently the photos on his personal Instagram steal the attention of netizens.

One of them is a recent vacation photo of the woman born in 1994.

Aldira Chena

Aldira Chena’s portrait here looks so charming.

While lifting one leg, Aldira poses beautifully on the edge of the pier with a panoramic view that refreshes the eyes.

For outfits, Aldira Chena seems to know very well how to attract attention.

The Medan Barbie looks sexy in a transparent white long dress combined with black inner.

Aldira Chena

The outfit made Aldira Chena’s cleavage exposed.

As a result, he looks even more sexy in this photo.

Meanwhile, to complete her style, Aldira Chena wears sunglasses.

Apart from being a mandatory accessory when on vacation to the beach, sunglasses also make his appearance more stylish.

Aldira Chena’s photo upload was immediately flooded with comments from netizens.

Most of them failed to focus on seeing Aldira Chena’s beautiful and sexy appearance.

“How hot and beautiful you are ,” said @ragib.rai***

“WoW Perfect 👍👍,” said @y_paidi***

“Flying crane style photo😂😂,” said @yanto_gaz***

“Very beautiful & sexy…

❤️❤️,” said @ngurah.irawa***

“👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️so hotz😍😍😍😍,” said @tgepen***



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