8 Portraits of Artists Wearing Sexy Bikinis, Which is the Hottest?

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Sexy bodies and body goals are the hallmark of many female artists in the country.

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With their ideal body, they often show off their sexy aura by wearing revealing clothes.

They seem not worried about showing some sensitive parts in the uploaded photos.

The rows of female artists seem to be competing against each other, especially through their personal social media accounts.

Well, here are a series of artists wearing bikinis who are competing to show off their hot portraits.


Photo : Instagram/maria_vaniaa

Maria Vania is known to have a body that not only attracts Adam’s attention, but also makes Eve’s envy. Just look at how sexy she is when posing in the pool wearing only a yellow bikini.


Photo : Instagram/arieltatum

Having exotic skin, Ariel Tatum is often seen wearing revealing clothes that show off most of his body. His photos always manage to make netizens fail to focus.


Photo : Instagram/himynameisernie

This is the hot portrait of Aunt Ernie while enjoying her time at the beach. At that time he was engrossed in posing on the sandy beach wearing a transparent shirt and an orange bikini.


Photo : Instagram/dinar_candy

Dinar Candy is also famous for his sexy portraits and quite often takes pictures with challenging poses. Like the photo above when she is wearing an orange bikini and decorated with green leaves.


Photo : Instagram/jenniferbachdim

Jennifer Bachdim shows off her body that is not only sexy, but also looks very fit and healthy. With her black bikini, she showed off her body goals with a little tattoo near her waist.


Photo : Instagram/claurakiehl

Not only famous for being beautiful and smart, Cinta Laura has no doubts about having a fit body which she often shows off by wearing various tight and revealing clothes.


Photo : Instagram/wulanguritno

Wulan Guritno, who is already 4 years old, doesn’t seem to want to be outdone by other beautiful Indonesian artists. It is proven by a series of sexy and stunning photos that he often posts via Instagram.


Photo : Instagram/anyageraldine

Having fun playing in the waterfall, Anya Geraldine only wore a black bikini and seemed to be enjoying her vacation. (Cy)


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