Bogor Safari Park: Environmentally Friendly Family Tourism Oriented to Wildlife Habitats in the Wild

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Bogor Safari Park

But it has also grown into a guided tour with exciting natural adventures for the family. Tourists can see animals up close, not only in cages, but also freely roaming the streets.

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Instead, create attractions that take place on the agenda, including:

AFTERNOON SAFARI: Drive around the forest in an individual vehicle, observing animal behavior behind the vehicle window. Next enjoy nine animal shows for free. As well as various game rides such as a 3D haunted house.

NIGHT SAFARI: Night Safari Cisarua Safari Park offers adventure in the open at night. Tourists want to travel to see directly the activities of animals up close at night by using an open tourist train.

Bogor Safari Park Animal Rides and Attractions

Solihin Amma

So far, Bogor Safari Park has kept more than 2,500 animals from around the world, such as in their natural habitat. Includes exploration of animals into their habitats, as well as enjoying the shows at the Bogor Safari Park.

After pocketing the next Bogor Safari Park ticket, tourists can start touring around the Safari Park. Some of the activities and attractions that are a pity to miss include.

1. Travel the Zoo

The most favorite activity at Taman Safari Indonesia is Safari Journey. Tourists can wander the park to meet very rare animals in their habitat for 45 minutes. Throughout the adventure it will give an impression of going to the wild to meet wild animals.

The advantage of the Bogor Safari Park is that these animals are not confined in cages but are free to roam in their zones in each cluster. So that tourists can find these animals roaming the edges and the middle of the track.

The deeper into the forest, tourists will enter the zone of wild animals such as lions and tigers. Here, tourists can see firsthand the natural habitat of lions and tigers, and see these animals roaming around.
Because it is categorized as wild, tourists are prohibited from opening the car mirror or getting out, for safety reasons. For those who want to travel, they can use an individual car, or take an existing bus for free.

Throughout the adventure exploring the habitat of these adorable animals will be very satisfying and will not be forgotten for the family. When traveling at night there is also a mini train that will cross the night habitat of the animals.

2. Baby Zoo Show

Tourists who want to be photographed with wild animals, but feel worried, come to the Baby Zoo zone. Here there are various types of wild animals such as Lions, Tigers, Tigers, or Orang Utans who are still toddlers. Tourists can relate directly and touch it and can be photographed with these adorable baby animals.

3. Educational Animal Show

Not only traveling to visit wild animals, tourists can watch educational animal shows. There are at least nine attractions played by trained animals. This attraction is one that is a pity if it is exceeded.

Bogor Safari Park

Gerard Moloney

On the other hand, to enjoy the funny and clever behavior of the Elephants at the Elephant Show every 11.30 and 16.30 WIB. After that, enjoy the Dolphin Show every 13.00 and 16.30 Wib. Next is the Tiger Show at 13.30 and 16.00, and the Sea Lion Show at 11.30 and 15.00.

Meanwhile, for bird variety attractions at the Bird of Prey Show every day from 14.30 to 16.00. There is also a Cowboy Show, Safari Theatre, and Globe of Death from 14.00 to 16.30. The time of each show is almost coincide, so viewers must be smart to control the time if they want to watch their favorite show.

If you want to visit at night, there are also charming Fire Dance shows and Various Animal Shows. Tourists can be photographed with trained animals.

4. Dozens of rides in the Cisarua Safari Park Bogor Theme Park

Not only exploring animals, tourists can also play various rides which are certainly exciting and tense. There are at least 20 rides available at Taman Safari Bogor for various ages.

Bogor Safari Park
Instead, make children’s rides that have such as Flying Elephant, Crazy Plane, Flying Goose, Speedway, etc. Next for old tourists there is a Space Shuttle ride or a Z Force Tower ride. Not only that, there are also rides for universal that are fun to tense, such as the Boom-boom Car or Flying Bike.

There are also BBZ Mini Train, Water Boat, Haunted House, Lolly Swing, and Pony Rodeo rides. Or the Flume Ride, Bumper Boat, Magic Bike, and Sky Rice rides that are thrilling and adrenaline-pumping.

Tourists can try all these rides with a canal ticket without paying for another ticket. But for Elephant Safari Trails, Riding Animals, Cable Car, or 4D Rider rides, you need to pay again.

5. Playing in the Water Park

Bogor Safari Park

Taman Safari Indonesia is categorized as a complete tourist attraction with all existing rides. Not only meeting animals, and playing on exciting rides, tourists can also feel the freshness of playing at the Water park.

Tourists can play various exciting water rides, including Kiddy Pool, Lazy River, Spiral Water Slide, etc. Not only that, there is also an aquarium and a pond containing crocodiles. If you want to have an Instagrammable photo taken, you can try to be photographed in an exotic African pavilion.

6. Enjoy the natural panorama from the hot air balloon

One of the unique rides that tourists can try, especially those who don’t worry about heights, is the Eve Balloon. Tourists can enjoy the natural green panorama of Bogor Safari Park from a height of up to 40 m.

Air balloon can accommodate up to 6 people. Then tourists will fly and air for 10 minutes. On the other hand, to protect the safety of tourists, they will fly with a slang buddy guide. So there is no need to feel afraid when playing this vehicle. Which means always obeying the instructions and applicable regulations.

7. Trekking at the Safari Park

Bogor Safari Park

Want to explore the green trees of Bogor Safari Park while playing a thrilling outbound? So tourists can try the Safari Trek rides for trekking or hiking enthusiasts. Together with a reliable guide, tourists will explore the lush forest along the 3-9 kilometer expedition.

During the expedition, tourists can play outbound such as rope climbing, and flying fox. Next, tourists can also enjoy the green atmosphere of a real tropical forest by exploring rivers and waterfalls.

Bogor Safari Park Animal Show

Bogor Safari Park
Shinta Permatasari

Various animal shows can be seen in this Fauna Garden. Here are some of the shows and show agenda:

::Elephants Show: Every day at 11.30 WIB and 14.30 WIB.
::Dolphins Show: Every day at 11.00 WIB and 15.00 WIB.
::Cowboy Show: Weekday at 14.00 Wib and Weekend& Holidays 14.00 WIB and 16.00 WIB.
::Various Animal Show: Every day 11.00 am and 15.00 pm.
::Tiger Show: Every day 13.30 Wib and 16.00 Wib.
::SEA LIONS SHOW: Daily 14.00 WIT and 16.00 WIT,
::Birds Of Prey Show: Every day at 13.30 WIB and 15.30 WIB.
::Globe Of Death: Every day at 13.30 WIB and 15.30 WIB.
::Safari Theatre: Everyday 11.30 Wib and Weekend& Holidays 15. 30 WIB.

Cisarua Safari Park Facilities

Bogor Safari Park

The complementary facilities at the Cisarua Safari Park in Bogor are quite complete, soba slang. Some of them include toilets, prayer rooms, and free transportation around Taman Safari such as buses and mini trains.

Not only that, there is also a reliable photography stage for those who want to be photographed with the animals. If you are tired of traveling, you can stop for a moment at the animal-free zone which provides a variety of restaurants and cafes.

Bogor Safari Park
Zhafirah Qisya
Tourists can take a lunch break with a variety of filling and delicious culinary delights. When returning, tourists can stop by at souvenir outlets that provide a variety of cute souvenirs.

Children can buy stuffed animals as well as clothes typical of the Bogor Cisarua Safari Park. For those who want to stay overnight, accommodation is provided in the form of a bungalow with a unique wooden design and complete facilities.

Transportation and Public Transport Routes

Bogor Safari Park has a strategic position and can be reached from various areas. If tourists arrive from the Jakarta area, they can use the Bandung-Peak bus route.

Until at the T-junction of Taman Safari Indonesia, then get off and change to TSI for about 10 minutes. If tourists use KRL from outside the area, go with the direction of Bogor Station. After that change to the green angkot 02 to Sukasari, and change to the blue angkot 03 to Cisarua.

Bogor Safari Park

Panca Purwoko

Get off at the T-junction of Taman Safari Indonesia, and take an angkot to the position. Or when you arrive in Sukasari, take angkot 03 and get off at Baranangsiang, friends. After that change to the L300 shuttle bus to the top, and take an angkot for 10 minutes to the location.

If tourists arrive from Bandung, they can also use the same route as the KRL to Bogor Station. Or take a bus bound for Jakarta-Peak and get off at the TSI T-junction, then take an angkot, my friends.

Bogor Indonesian Safari Park
Location: Jalan Captain Harun Kabir No. 724, Cibeureum, Kec. Cisarua, Kab. Bogor, West Java
Opening hours: 8.30AM – 5PM Wib
Contact: (0251) 8250000
Opened: 1930
Number of animals: 3,000

Thus a brief review of “Taman Safari Bogor: Environmentally Insight Family Tourism Oriented to Wildlife Habitats in the Wild” when are you friends visiting this exotic animal place excursion?


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