7 Artists Wearing the Hottest Transparent Shirts, Number 5 Bra Colors Make Salfok

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Sophia Latjuba recently succeeded in impressing as well as salfok by wearing a transparent dress. Already half a century old, Sophia Latjuba’s beauty and sexiness in a dreamy dress has made her a byword.

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Apparently, it wasn’t only Sophia Latjuba who made a scene with transparent clothes. Several beautiful Indonesian artists have also done the same thing. Who are the most beautiful artists wearing transparent clothes? Let’s take a look one by one!

1. Jessica Iskandar

Since living in Bali, Jessica Iskandar has regularly shared her portraits while swimming in swimming pools to exotic beaches. On one occasion, the wife of Vincent Verhaag looked stunning with a long transparent black shirt on the edge of the floor. Even so, Jedar is still wearing a bikini under his dreamy shirt.

2. Millen Cyrus

Millen Cyrus is not shy about showing off her style in transparent clothes. No kidding, Millen wore a tight transparent shirt that showed the bra he was wearing. Millen’s appearance is supported by makeup bold on his face.

3. Wulan Guritno

Wulan Guritno succeeded in surprising her by taking a bold photo shoot. She was wearing a blue transparent shirt that showed a bra of the same color she was wearing.

4. Love Laura

On various occasions, Cinta Laura looks stunning in a transparent dress. He showed his long legs with a pose like a professional model. In fact, Cinta is often referred to as Miss Grand Indonesia because of her stunning appearance in that dreamy dress.

5. Fanny Ghassani

Artist and presenter Fanny Ghassani makes the adam salfok because they wear dreamy shirts when on vacation in the United States. Deliberately opening his jacket, Fanny showed him a purple transparent shirt. No doubt, the color of the bra used by Fanny made netizens react and make naughty comments.

6. Aunt Ernie

While sitting on the beach, Aunt Ernie made the men tremble by showing off wearing a black transparent tight dress. In fact, the orange bikini worn by Aunt Ernie is clearly visible. Apparently, the photo is an old portrait of Aunt Ernie while on vacation at Sire Beach, West Nusa Tenggara.

7. Sophia Latjuba

Sophia Lathjuba advised to be vigilant because the number of positive COVID-19 is currently rising. But uniquely, Sophia showed off a photo wearing a transparent dress when conveying this. Suddenly, Sophia immediately received praise from a number of celebrities and netizens for looking perfect in a dreamy dress even though she was half a century old. (nes)


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