5 Vacation Places in Nusa Dua that are so Charming: Check Locations, Attractions and Access Tourist Locations

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Cattamaran Beach Club

Not only accommodations and cool restaurants, in Nusa 2 there are also many tourist attractions with exciting activities that you can try without having to pay a lot of money to stay there. Not sure? Check out our exciting destinations as follows:

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Bali is a paradise for seaside enthusiasts. Not only chilling, playing sand, snorkeling, and swimming, you can also enjoy the atmosphere of these beaches while sipping cocktails at the fun and Instagrammable beach club.

1. Cattamaran Beach Club

Flanked by the spectacular Melasti seafront in front and towering limestone hills behind it, this fairly spacious beach club with a capacity of 700 people offers a variety of cool spots to suit your budget and desires.

From the hammock zone, chairs, cabanas, plantations, sand daybeds, lagoons, and indoor VVIP rooms, all of which offer views of the blue sea. So want to come here alone, with two companions, with family, or especially with friends!

Relaxing here will definitely make you feel better while accompanied by a variety of fine dining, drinks and cocktail options served by friendly staff, while watching the energetic music from international-class DJs.

Via Kinally’s photo. hi, Iniviehospitality

There are more than one swimming pool here, ranging from a lagoon infinity pool (complete with floaties!) whose design is motivated by Balinese terraced rice fields, to a glass infinity pool equipped with a Jacuzzi.

If you want more fun, come here on the weekends, because every Friday, Saturday and Cattamaran Week there is a very happening pool party in Bali with a different theme.

There is a Saxofoam Party with “ocean” foam, Sea and She Party which mixes swimwear party with colorful balls, also Fluorescent Party combined with face painting and glow in the dark knick-knacks! No wonder why this beach club is a byword in Bali?

Cattamaran Beach Club
Photo Via Ymbuoutique, Malinovskaya_live, Ayufernandaa

Not only a variety of facilities and interesting events, the design of this beach club is also very wow. The combination of traditional nuances with factors of wood, bamboo, and natural stone and a graceful and iconic statue of a goddess makes every corner very Instagrammable.

Cattamaran Beach Club
Via Gun’s photo. ok, Rara. virgo_72, Bie_murdi

It’s really cool to come here in the late afternoon, because the sunset panorama is very spectacular!

Cattamaran Beach Club
HTM: Drinks start from IDR 60. 000 Meals start from IDR 85. 000 No admission
Location: Melasti seaside, Ungasan, South Kuta, Kab. Badung, Bali.
Contact:( 0361) 6200 688 0812 3776 3903( WA)
Hours: Monday–Thursday, 12.00–21.00 Friday–Sunday, 12.00–22.00

2. Roosterfish Beach Club

Behind the splendor of 2 large rock cliffs on the shores of the Pandawa sea is hidden a charming beach club with a dominance of green plants that gives the impression of a hidden paradise. Coupled with the colorful bean bags that make this place feel more alive.

Roosterfish Beach Club
Photo Via Roosterfishbeachclub

If you want to enjoy the sunset at a beach club without the hustle and bustle like at most beach clubs in Seminyak or Canggu, then this is the perfect place. The atmosphere here is indeed much more chill and safe to relax. The spacious yard is also suitable for the little one to run around there and come.

Roosterfish Beach Club
Photo Via Deryabltc

While you’re here, try their various signature menus: Roosterfish Platters, Chili Crab Pizza, and Roosterfish Nasi Goreng (salted fish fried rice with satay and sunny side up).

Don’t miss out on their unique signature drinks like Bloody Scary Mary (with sambal matah!), 5 Spiced Mojito, and Espresso Martini.

Roosterfish Beach Club
Photo Via Angelyourfoodie

Well, if your stomach is full, it’s time to relax in a bean bag, swim, or accompany your little one to play in the yard.

Roosterfish Beach Club
Photo Via Robiatfahlevie, Alingpangestu

Roosterfish Beach Club
HTM: Drinks start from IDR 40. 000 Meals start from IDR 55. 000 No admission
Location: Street. Pandawa seaside, Kutuh, South Kuta, Kab. Badung, Bali.
Contact: 0811 3940 3588
Opening hours: 10.00– 19.00

3. Palmilla Bali Beach Club

Perhaps this is one of the most instagrammable beach clubs in Bali. Imagine, the location is quite “chosen” with giant limestone hills dotted with greenery as a backdrop, as well as a beautiful white sand beach in front. Apart from the rows of palm trees, at first glance, the atmosphere is similar in Hawaii.

Palmilla Bali Beach Club
Photo via Droneleo, 1017.mm_

The infinity pool is also quite big and spacious with direct beach view. There is a wide selection of chairs, from sun beds to feeling pampered by the pool, to the unique swing-shaped chairs in the bar area.

Palmilla Bali Beach Club
Photo via Imaginhogagagrey, Sriartha, Marcella.vb_

Palmilla Bali Beach Club
Photo via alifa_sandi, Serenatravel

The atmosphere at the Beach Club also feels livelier as the music seems to echo the limestone hills behind it. What an amazing experience!

Anyway, if you are planning to come here, don’t forget to do a great cleaning because that is the place to install it.

Palmilla Bali Beach Club

Photo via vanesatauna

Palmilla Bali Beach Club
HTM: RP125.000/pax | Drinks from IDR 45,000 | Meals start from IDR 65,000
Location: Ungasan, Kuta Suni, Kab. Badung, Bali. Coordinate here.
Contact: 0812 8809 0919
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 13.00 – 20.00 | Saturday – Sunday 11.00 – 21.00

4. Geger Beach

Located in the elite area of ​​Nusa Dua, although some parts are touched by tourism development, the other side of Geger beach is still like that.

Geger Beach

The main attraction is the beach cleaning which is always left and the environment is never overcrowded. To be precise, this beach is more popular with expats living in the vicinity than local tourists.

Geger Beach

In addition to white sand with clear water, Geger Beach is also shallow with calm sea waves, which makes it perfect for transporting families while diving.

While sunbathing and enjoying the beach atmosphere in the afternoon, if you are lucky, you can also witness firsthand the activities of algae farmers on the beach.

Geger Beach
Oh, yes, the presence of these “fields” of algae also invites lovely little fish into the shallow waters!

Geger Beach
HTMk: IDR 5,000
Location: Peinge of Traditional People, Sawangan, Nusa Dua, Bali.

5. Monte Payung Beach

Although the location is hidden and requires additional energy to be reached, but upon arrival, it will be lost, especially when their feet walk on the vast white sand of the beach while watching the blue sea water and exotic coral reefs.

Monte Umbrella Beach
Photo via Teodorrasabau, Nesiines

The name of this beach is taken from a nearby temple, namely, Mountain Dhang Kahyanga Umbrella Temple.

The beach is very clean and adequate for gentle. In addition, it is ideal here to do activities, such as walking to enjoy the beauty of the atmosphere, reading a book or chatting under the cave, chatting with the locals, fishing and others.

Monte Umbrella Beach
Photo via hotaime89

Monte Umbrella Beach
Photo via 91Sella

Monte Umbrella Beach
HTM: IDR 4,000
Location: Kutuh, Kuta Suni, Badung, Bali.

That’s a brief review of “5 Vacation Places in Nusa Dua that are so Charming: Check Locations, Attractions and Access Tourist Locations.” Which slang do you want to visit first?


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