Celine Evangelista Shows Open Chest, Netizens Say It’s Down

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Artist news: Celine Evangelista took a photoshoot with open clothes, her cleavage immediately became the spotlight of netizens who reaped comments.

Cekricek.id – A video of the beautiful artist Celine Evangelista showing off her cleavage is circulating on social media. The video was uploaded by the account owner Celebrity TIKTOK ARTIST through the Tiktok application which was launched on Tuesday (7/6/2022).

In the video, you can see Celine Evangelista taking pictures photoshoot. The mother of four was seen wearing a dark green dress with a floral pattern. The shirt Celine is wearing is a long sleeved shirt that covers all of her hands.’

The dress was combined with a white floral skirt. The flower skirt is also long, covering up to the feet of Stefan William’s ex-wife.

However, what became the focus of netizens was the front of Celine’s shirt. The front of her long dress was wide open which clearly showed the 36-year-old woman’s cleavage.

Not only that, Celine’s bright blue bra is also very visible. She did not hesitate to show her smooth sexy belly. In the open state of the front, Celine smiled at the camera to take photos.

The video upload was immediately flooded with netizen comments. A number of netizens were wrongly focused on Celine’s visible cleavage. A number of netizens seemed to link the video of Celin with her ex-husband and also her new lover, which was allegedly Marshel Widianto.

“Marshel has already tried it,” wrote the account @joebo****.

“Stefan William be like: other people want to have it but I already know the taste,” added another commented.

Celine’s sexy chest is in the spotlight

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Celine Evangelista Shows Open Chest, Netizens Say It’s Down

While some netizens said that Celine’s chest had dropped. Even though it has gone down, there are still many who want to have the mother of four children.

“Actually he is what he is, the evidence has gone down, he is no longer interested in op,” wrote the account @aaray****.

“Dirly and the children, Mas Boy and the children.. as far as I know.. that’s right, they all need nutrition,” added another commented.

“No problem, the important thing is that the engine hasn’t gone down,” said another.

Meanwhile, the video of Celine Evangelista showing her chest is now the talk of netizens who stirred up the virtual world.

Celine’s video was also re-shared by various accounts until it went viral on various social media.



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