Wearing a Transparent Skirt When Playing Golf, TWICE’s Jihyo Makes Fans Melt

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Recently, TWICE’s Jihyo showed off her sweet activities on her personal Instagram account. The activity seems to be a new hobby for Jihyo TWICE.

Looking cute and charming, this is a portrait of TWICE’s Jihyo while showing off playing golf. Come on, immediately check the following reviews!

TWICE’s Jihyo shares a new hobby


Source: Instagram/_zyozyo

On June 5th, Jihyo posted several photos and videos on her personal Instagram account. TWICE’s Jihyo didn’t even forget to put a caption as a photo caption.

“Gol-in Day (golf and children in Korean referring to beginner golfers)” wrote TWICE’s Jihyo in the caption of her Instagram upload.

TWICE’s Jihyo’s golf outfit attracts attention


Source: Instagram/_zyozyo

The photos released by TWICE’s Jihyo exude the fresh charm of the golf course. A bright smile on a sunny day fascinated fans with TWICE’s Jihyo’s beauty.

In addition, TWICE’s Jihyo also looks cute when wearing an impressive golf fashion. At that time, Jihyo TWICE wore a sleeveless shirt and a see-through skirt to show a bit of her sexiness. The unique pattern of the front of TWICE’s Jihyo skirt also managed to attract the public’s attention.

Not only some photos, TWICE’s Jihyo also uploaded a short video when he played golf. It’s really cool, TWICE’s Jihyo makes a golf swing with a serious and strong attitude.

Seeing Jihyo TWICE’s upload, many fans commented with warm and seductive sentences.

“Do you know how long ngabuburit is? Asking you to hurry up and get married” wrote one Indonesian netizen in Jihyo TWICE’s Instagram upload.
“(JIHYO) you’re sooo beautiful” further more.
“The ball reaches my heart” tease netizens.

Until now, Jihyo TWICE’s upload has been liked by millions of fans from various countries. Unfortunately, most of TWICE’s Jihyo fans from Indonesia are male. The comments above are one of the temptations of Indonesian fanboys.

Meanwhile, Jihyo and other TWICE members are enjoying a period of rest after successfully completing the world tour. Seeing the success of their concert, Indonesian fans are also looking forward to TWICE’s presence to hold a concert soon. (bbi)



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