Viral video of BCL Using a Super Mini and Transparent Tank Top, Netizens Make Halu

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SCREEN CAPTURE – A viral video on TikTok showing BCL with a super minimal and transparent outfit, netizens even slapped their eyes until they got an error.

As an artist, of course outfit Bunga Citra Lestari alias BCL never escape the public spotlight.

As seen in this viral video, Noah Sinclair’s mother’s dress style has again invited netizens’ reactions.

I was so enthusiastic, a video of BCL wearing a super mini and transparent tank top that was uploaded on TikTok by @salvaauraa It has even been watched 1 million times.

BCL is famous for being brave when it comes to dressing.

Not infrequently the 39-year-old widow’s outfit gets the spotlight.

BCL’s style of dress is often praised by fans.

How not, with her makeup, BCL often gets compliments for looking like a teenage girl.

BCL’s appearance is said to be inappropriate for her age who has become a mother with one child.

On the other hand, Bunga Citra Lestari also often reaps responses with negative nuances because the outfit is too sexy.

Of course this kind of response was not the first time directed at him.

However, the response did not change the idol’s dress style.

For example, in this viral video, BCL’s outfit looks super minimal when wearing a white tank top combined with a pink mini skirt.

Not only that, the tank top worn by the singer of the song “Kecewa” looks transparent so that the skin on his chest is faintly visible.

In the viral video uploaded on TikTok, BCL who is sitting on a chair is seen smiling while singing her song “Disappointed”.

BCL was seen singing on stage accompanied by a band.

After a few hours posted on Sunday (5/6/2022), the video immediately reaped netizen comments.

The video has been viewed 1.3 million times, 88 thousand times liked, and reaped 1700 comments.

Netizens’ comments were mixed after watching the video.

Some netizens praised BCL’s unfading beauty.

But there are also netizens who even focus wrongly (salfok) on the bulge on the singer’s chest.

Bunga Citra Lestari aka BCL
Bunga Citra Lestari aka BCL (Special)

One netizen even said that his eyes went wrong after watching the video.

“Hopefully I’m still old like this, beautiful, there’s no medicine,” wrote @Ye****

“If you’re already beautiful, how come you’re still beautiful,” wrote @Ag***

“When she was a girl, her outfit was brave, now she’s a single mom, even more daring,” wrote @oka ***

“Is it just my eyes that have an error,” wrote @Sh ***.

“Has anyone seen the analogue of my PS stick?? The analog is gone, weh,” wrote @XI***

“My ears are right, my eyes are wrong,” wrote @sur ***

“After reading 2; comments it turns out that my eyes are still normal,” wrote @mu***

“No need to activate the Rinnegan. It turns out that normal mode is also visible,” wrote @SE ***

“When I saw it for the first time I was still in doubt, then I looked at the comments to check it turned out to be true, after that I saw it again 15 times to make sure,” wrote @Iw***

“From the beginning, my eyes and brain couldn’t be controlled,” wrote @us***

Photo of Bunga Citra Lestari aka BCL with Dr Simon Ourian in the United States.
Photo of Bunga Citra Lestari aka BCL with Dr Simon Ourian in the United States. (Special)

Not only on TikTok, the same video was also uploaded on YouTube by Toptis with the title BCL “Singing on the Stage, the Audience Focuses Here on the Artist’s Face.”

The comments on the YouTube channel explained that netizens were salfok after seeing the super minimal and transparent clothes worn by BCL.

As of Sunday (5/6/2022), the BCL video uploaded on the YouTuber channel has been watched 11 thousand times, liked 157 times, and reaped 10 comments.

“Sorry, BCL, why are you getting bolder now to open your genitals, unfortunately, it’s beautiful so it’s not sympathetic,” wrote @Li***

“Oh, beautiful sis, how come I don’t like the dress……” wrote @IK***

“Pu**** is showing off,” wrote @id***

“Something’s weird,” wrote @Mi ***

“Wow appearance BCL exotic,” wrote @vi***.




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