Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo : Enjoying the Beautiful View from the Height of the Hexagon Building

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Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo

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Karogaul.com – As a popular vacation spot in Indonesia, there are always unique and interesting destinations in Jogja. If you are a nature lover, Grojogan Watu Purbo is a new tourist option there. Then there is also Obelix Hills, a contemporary tour set in beautiful natural scenery, my friends. Not only that, there is Tumpeng Menoreh Jogja which is no less cool and interesting.

Just make sure you want to make a trip to Jogja. Starting from Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo can be a good inspiration to visit. This destination is located in the Nglinggo Tea Garden area, Samigaluh, Kab. Kulon Progo. Read the discussion below to find out the attractions, facilities, routes, and ticket prices for Tumpeng Menoreh.

Tumpeng Menoreh Jogja Tourism Attraction

Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo
Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo

Tumpeng Menoreh Jogja is a new tourist spot as one of the main attractions of Nglinggo Tourism Village. Uniquely, the Nglinggo tourist zone is not limited by administrative areas. The location is in 3 districts as well as slang friends, namely Magelang, Kulon Progo, and Purworejo or what is abbreviated as Braceletprojo.
Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo

Photo by Roni Rosadi

The initiator of the Gelangprojo tour was Erix Soekamti, a member of the band team Endank Soekamti. Bracelet Projo Tourism does not only provide natural tourism based on slang friends. Here there is an entertainment zone, glamping, culinary tours, to agricultural guidance tours from local residents.
Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo

Photo by The Last Jogja Project

Tumpeng Menoreh is a mainstay tourist attraction in Bracelet Projo which has emerged as a culinary tourism object. The cool thing is, this destination is located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level with an extraordinary natural panorama from the Menoreh Mountains. This is the best sunrise spot, apart from several Punthuk tourist destinations in Borobudur.

Not only the punthuk (hill) that is part of the Menoreh Mountains, at Tumpeng Menoreh Jogja you can see the beauty of Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing in the distance, my friends. Also listed is the Borobudur Temple. According to the name, the term Tumpeng refers to a building design that resembles Javanese tumpeng rice.

Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo

Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo

With beautiful and beautiful scenery, Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo is counted as a viral tourist attraction and hits as a perching place for millennials. Not only sunrise, sunset panorama is also very beautiful. Here, you can have coffee while enjoying traditional culinary specialties of local people, friends, such as gudeg, pecel, etc.

Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo
Photo by agussunarkoputra
As part of the Braceletprojo area, Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo tourism is also adjacent to several other natural attractions. If the duration of this vacation is long, you can stop by to enjoy the cool air at the Nglinggo Tea Garden, extending to Puncak Widosari, or the instagenic Pule Payung.

Tourist Facilities, Opening Hours, and Ticket Prices

Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo
Photo by Erix Soekamti

Tumpeng Menoreh Jogja is a restaurant as well as a viewing post with several picture spots. Moreover, each corner can be a selfie spot because the design of the building is a multi-storey hexagon with an open roof. Public facilities are also sufficient, including prayer rooms, large parking lots, bathrooms or toilets, etc.

Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo

Photo by Agus Ismail

Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo Tour is open every day for 24 hours. Tourists can visit here at any time. You can arrange your visit so that you can enjoy the natural panorama of the sunrise or sunset. How much is the Tumpeng Menoreh Jogja entrance ticket? Only IDR 50K (HTM + meal voucher) is quite affordable isn’t it.

Location of Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo

Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo
Photo by Fathi Mifachurrahmah

From the center of Yogyakarta, this tour is approximately 35 km or 1 hour drive. slang friends can start by heading to the West Ring Road to the Nanggulan intersection. Then continue to the Dekso intersection and turn left onto a winding hill road.

Follow the path for approximately 14 km to create the Nglinggo-Tritis gate. Turn right towards the Nglinggo Tea Garden area, my friends. You can find the entrance to Tumpeng Menoreh on the left side of the road.

Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo

Photo by Ira Andriani

Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo

Location: Jalan Kebun Teh, Sumbersari, Nglinggo, Kec. Samigaluh, Kab. Kulon Progo, Central Java
Opening hours: 24 hours
Contact: 0819-0422-1889

Motorcycle parking: 2 thousand

Car park: 5 thousand

Entrance Ticket: 50 thousand

Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo

Photo by zaenal arifin

Thus a brief explanation of “Tumpeng Menoreh Kulon Progo: Enjoying the Beautiful View from the Height of the Hexagon Building” when are you planning to explore this beautiful tall building?


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