This is the latest photo of Yusuf Subrata, Cut Tary’s ex-husband, who is far from the spotlight, very handsome at Children’s Graduation

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Yusuf Subrata is a man who seems reluctant to get a lot of publications. He doesn’t have social media, so he’s not in the news.

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However, Monday (6/6/2022), this handsome businessman appeared on his ex-wife’s IG story.

Yep, Yusuf certainly won’t miss Sidney’s graduation moment, the daughter who has graduated from junior high school.

Yusuf even stood between Tary and Sidney and saw the sweet moment the mother and daughter hugged each other.

Yusuf also made Sidney laugh when he showed the bag he was carrying. Whatever Yusuf said made the princess happy.

Even Cut Tary couldn’t help but smile at the father and son moment.

Although there is not much interaction, it seems clear that Tary and her ex-husband have a good relationship.

In addition to his white hair, Yusuf still looks handsome like he used to when he was often highlighted by the media.

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