Rezky Aditya’s scandal of having a child out of wedlock is getting hotter, Citra Kirana hopes that her baby will have this temperament, netizens are actually Salfok with Paras Athar

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His name is in the spotlight because of the scandal of having children out of wedlock with Wenny Ariani.

The court has determined that Citra Kirana’s husband is the biological father of Naira Kaemita Tarekat.

Launching the Instagram account @pembasmi_kehaluan_real on, Rezky Aditya admitted that he was ready to do a DNA test to clear his doubts about the status of the child.

“I am here to inform you that after the decision of my victory in court, I immediately coordinated with the plaintiff through my lawyer,” said Rezky Aditya.

“Which conveys that, I am willing to do a DNA test with Naira, this is all I do on humanitarian grounds and also to break my doubts over my legal relationship with Naira,” he continued.

“But indeed this is all, the DNA test process cannot be carried out because there is indeed a request from the plaintiff,” he continued.

If Rezky Aditya is the real father of Wenny’s child, this soap opera actor is ready to take responsibility and fulfill his child’s livelihood.

“Here I want to emphasize that I will be responsible and fulfill my obligations as a parent to Naira,” said Rezky.

“If indeed a DNA test can be done and the results also prove that I am the biological father of Naira,” he continued

“I assure you, I will love Naira and also provide for Naira,” he continued.

In the midst of the heat of the Rezky Aditya case, the figures of the actor’s children and wife are also in the spotlight.

Reported by Grid.ID from the Instagram account @citraciki on Monday (6/6/2022), Citra Kirana wrote down her hopes for her only child.

Citra Kirana hopes that her child will grow up to be a person who is religiously obedient and can please everyone.

“Unfortunately mom and dad, hopefully Mas Athar will grow up to be a pious child, kid,” wrote Citra Kirana.

“Which pleases everyone,” he continued.

This soap opera also revealed that the child often became a friend to confide in and often looked at him.

“Huhu, my friend is talking about her mother, who likes to look into her mother’s eyes before going to bed while thinking about it,” wrote Citra Kirana.

Warganet also misfocused on the charming looks of Citra Kirana and Rezky Aditya’s children.

“Masha Allah Mas Athar is a very handsome bachelor,” wrote the account @cikythar_lovers.

“Cute Mas Athar,” wrote the account @juliantie_jung.

“Handsome and pious online niece,” wrote the account @desy_hdnany.

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