Portrait of Nora Alexandra in Sport Bra, Sweaty

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Model, Nora Alexandra is known to have almost perfect body goals.

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No wonder Jerinx SID’s wife is the dream of many men.

Nora Alexandra / Instagram

Nora’s toned body is the result of her vigorous exercise. Supported by white skin and a teen face.

Nora Alexandra / Instagram

Peeked from her photo uploads on Instagram, the 27-year-old woman often displays her body goals in a sports bra.

Nora Alexandra has succeeded in impressing netizens with her charm. Instead of being curious, let’s go to his Instagram.

Nora Alexandra / Instagram

A woman born in Jember, November 12, 1994 who has mixed Swiss blood from her father.

Nora started her career as a model at a relatively young age of 15 years.

The profession was chosen because of his own desire and has been approved by both parents.

Nora Alexandra / Instagram

At first she did a catwalk model, then expanded into a photo model. It is not an easy matter for her to become a professional model.

Nora had to go on an extreme diet to get the perfect body goals.

Nora Alexandra / Instagram

Her efforts also paid off, Nora also successfully starred in several advertisements both in magazines and on television. (dra/dawn)



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