Maudy Ayunda’s Father Gives 4 Advice for Jesse Choi

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Maudy Ayunda’s father, Didit Jasmedi R. Irawan, gave four messages to his son-in-law, Jesse Choi. The message was delivered after Maudy and Jesse’s marriage contract.

The message conveyed by Didit Jasmedi is called Catur Wedha in Javanese. Chess Veda is four pieces of advice given by the father of the bride to the prospective son-in-law.

The message that Didit conveyed was then shared by Maudy’s mother, Mauren Jasmedi, on her Instagram account on Friday, (3/6).

In the upload, Jesse Choi’s father-in-law also shared a number of moments during the wedding, such as when Jesse Choi shook Maudy’s father’s hand and when the bride and groom were silent to Didit and Mauren.

“My beloved son, Jesse Jisoek Choi @jessechoi_ when you take on a new meaningful role as a husband. I have some advice, called CATUR WEDHA,” said Didit.

The first message that Didit conveyed was that Jesse had to be more mature at every step. Jesse also advises to refrain from acting like an unmarried person who only cares about himself.

Second, Jesse is advised to respect Maudy’s parents as much as his own.

“This is because, we also now see you as our own son,” said Didit.

Maudy’s Parental Advice for Jesse Choi

The third message conveyed is to live according to social values ​​paying attention to the law, respect and care for others so that they can find peace and happiness in life.

Fourth, Jesse is advised to stay close to God and live by teachings based on religion and belief.

“May you find happiness, contentment and peace and may you become people who inspire many people,” said Didit in his wife’s upload. has asked Mauren Jasmedi for permission to quote the post.

Maudy Ayunda married her boyfriend, Jesse Choi, on Sunday (22/5). The news was shared by Maudy through an upload on Instagram.

“22.5.22” Maudy Ayunda wrote in the description of the upload that was flooded with congratulations.

Jesse Choi is a close friend of Maudy, whom she met while studying at Stanford University, United States.

So far, the actor Ainun in the Habibie-Ainun film has never indulged in his romantic relationship with his husband. Not surprisingly, the news of Maudy’s marriage to Jesse also attracted public attention.

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