D’ Ubud Bogor : 10 Tourist Portraits, Attractions and Location Access to Tourism

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D' Ubud Bogor

Karogaul.com – How is the excitement of D’Ubud Bogor? Who is not interested when they hear the word Bali, my friend, slang? A province that presents all its beauty such as natural, cultural and culinary tourism. But not everyone can take the time to go there with the busy activities that everyone has.

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If you are one of those people who have never been to Bali but want to feel a bit of the atmosphere, there is no need to be afraid because in the Sentul Bogor area there is a Balinese-style restaurant which is often called D’Ubud Sentul Bogor, friends.

D' Ubud Bogor

D’ Ubud Bogor

D’Ubud Sentul Bogor is one of the Balinese concept restaurants in Bogor that you can visit to relieve your longing for Bali, friends.

In this tourist spot, various types of dining menus are provided that will pamper your tongue while reminiscing with the atmosphere in Bali. For more details about this tourist spot, we want to discuss the following about the attraction, facilities, menu prices, opening hours and location.

D' Ubud Bogor

Laura V

The main attraction of this Balinese concept restaurant in Bogor is the vibes that are served to match the Balinese atmosphere. When you arrive early to this restaurant, you will be greeted with a bamboo gate decorated with Balinese umbrellas. After entering the restaurant, Vibes Bali will continue to be felt with a traditional-style building design, under the bamboo each foundation pillar is wrapped in a typical Balinese motif.

D' Ubud Bogor

D’ Ubud Bogor

The restaurant zone which is surrounded by beautiful green rice fields makes D’Ubud Sentul Bogor even more like a tourist village in Bali, friends. Not only from the atmosphere of the restaurant, the food and drinks prepared in this place are no less unique and interesting. There are so many food and drink menus that you can enjoy to your heart’s content here.

Menu D’ Ubud Bogor

D' Ubud Bogor
Photo by hasna jamilah

For those of you who came here looking for food and drinks, you don’t need to be afraid. D’ Ubud Sentul Bogor offers a variety of food and drink menus that can be ordered. Here are the menu notes:

::Nibbles (Snacks) –> 30-40 thousands
::D’Ubud Saalad –> 60 Thousand

::Pasta & Corner –> 70-80 Thousand

::D Ubud Burger & Sandwich –> 60-80 Thousand

::D Ubud Grilled & Roasted –> 60-90 Thousand

::Asian Food –> 60-120 Thousand

::Dessert –> 40-60 Thousand

D' Ubud Bogor

D’ Ubud Bogor

D' Ubud Bogor

Photo by Allakeisshop_ Santi

Of course, there are many more food and drink menus that you can have at this D’Ubud Sentul restaurant, Bogor. To find out more about other menus, promos, and updates to this restaurant, you can visit their Instagram social media at @d. Ubud is waiting for interesting data on its Instagram account, of course there is the latest update data.

D’Ubud Sentul Opening Hours

D' Ubud Bogor
D’ Ubud Bogor

For those of you who are interested in visiting here, my friends, D’Ubud Sentul restaurant, Bogor is open every day from 08.00 – 22.00 Wib. This place to hang out in Sentul only serves food orders on the spot.

::Every day 08.00–22.00 WIB

Sarana D’ Ubud Sentul

D' Ubud Bogor
Photo by Ignatius Siahaan

Not only does it present the charm of a typical Balinese restaurant, the facilities at D’Ubud Sentul Bogor are also prepared to meet the needs of slang friends. Some of the facilities available at this tourist spot are as follows:

::Semi-outdoor &outdoor seating
::Special Food & Beverages
::Photo Spot
::Panorama of rice fields
::Parking Zone
::Health protocol facility

Position D’ Ubud Sentul Bogor

D' Ubud Bogor
Photo by Ristanti O.

If you want to visit D’Ubud Sentul Bogor, the address is located in Karang Tengah, Kec. Babakan Madang, Kab. Bogor, West Java. If you are not a native of Bogor, here we share a Google Maps link to that point.

D' Ubud Bogor

Photo by Cleoputri

That’s the data that we can share with friends. Welcome to D’Ubud Sentul Bogor. Make sure to always comply with health protocols by wearing a mask, maintaining distance and washing your hands when visiting.

Wait for other interesting data from us, slang friends about perched tourist attractions or the latest culinary tours in the Bogor area, of course with more hits and interesting reviews, even viral slang friends.


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