Pangalengan Sky Park Bandung: The Most Beautiful Place To Enjoy The Sunrise While Camping With Family

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Pangalengan Sky Park

Read More – Taman Langit Pangalengan (Sunrise Point & Camping Ground) is a sub-district located in Kab. Bandung, in Prov. West Java, which introduces many natural attractions that are very beautiful and beautiful and exciting for friends.

There are many tourist destinations, one of which is called Taman Langit Pangalengan Bandung, which is a natural tourist destination with the concept of a Sunrise Point and Camping Ground with a stunning natural panorama.
Pangalengan Sky Park

Photo by hegi subhan rusdian

In accordance with the name of the tourist attraction, when you visit this destination, you will see the natural panorama that you can enjoy, friends, slang from all directions, of course, with the fog that makes this destination a kind of country above the clouds, which is very beautiful and beautiful, you can also get spots – the best photo spot with a stunning natural panorama background.

Pangalengan Sky Park

Pangalengan Sky Park

Because Pangalengan Sky Park (Sunrise Point & Camping Ground) has an extraordinary quirky attraction, we will discuss what attractions make this place crowded, starting from the price of admission, what facilities, operating hours and location.

Of course, the first thing we will discuss is the attraction that this place has, because this place continues to be famous in West Java, the following is an explanation, slang friends.

The Attraction of Pangalengan Sky Park Bandung

Pangalengan Sky Park
Photo by Rizki Maulana

The attraction that this Pangalengan Sky Park has in Bandung is that it certainly provides a very beautiful panorama of natural nuances, even though the position of this place is located in a mountainous area, you can easily find this destination by searching on Google Maps, friends, we have also saved the location link. in the position section at the bottom of this post.

At first, meanwhile, Taman Langit Pangalengan Bandung was a place for camping, friends, but because many people came and visited this place for just pictures or enjoying the beautiful natural scenery here, then the manager made a lot of great picture spots. attractive with natural views of tea gardens and mountains that are very beautiful and beautiful.

Pangalengan Sky Park

Photo by Muhammad Fachry

Pangalengan Sky Park
Photo by Nabilah Salsabila

This destination makes you have the sensation that you are located above the clouds and you can see the stunning natural scenery, not only that when you are here you will feel the freshness and coolness of the nature of Pangalengan Sky Park, friends. For those of you who are bored with the urban atmosphere, this place can be your solution, when you are on vacation or on a weekend.

For those of you who want to visit this tourist destination, don’t forget to bring a jacket considering that in this location it is quite cold and when it rains it often gets foggy and if you forget to bring a tent or don’t want to bother bringing tent equipment for camping at the Pangalengan Sky Park, Bandung, friends, slang, the manager of this tourist destination provides a tent for those of you who want to camp here.

Pangalengan Sky Park

Photo by Samsul Arif

For those of you who like to be photographed or have a hobby of being photographed, this place also provides picture spots that you can use to take your cool photos, friends. This Pangalengan Sky Park Bandung wants to share a different experience from other tourist destinations in Pangalengan Bandung.

For us, this destination is perfect if you visit this tour with your family or friends. Next, we want to share data about the price of admission tickets to get to Taman Langit Pangalengan Bandung, here is the explanation, my friends.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Pangalengan Sky Park Bandung

Pangalengan Sky Park

Pangalengan Sky Park

For the price of admission or HTM Taman Langit Pangalengan Bandung, the fee is Rp. 10. 000, – and if you want to camp in this place you will be charged Rp25. 000,- slang buddy. Of course, the fee is quite friendly considering the natural scenery provided is very beautiful especially to look at and provides an atmosphere that relieves the heart and mind.

:: ENTRY TICKET Rp10. 000,-
::CAMPING GROUND Rp25. 000,-

Pangalengan Sky Park Facilities Bandung

Of course, natural tourism such as the Pangalengan Sky Park in Bandung has fairly complete facilities such as natural tourist destinations in the Bandung area, West Java, friends. Taman Langit Pangalengan Bandung has prepared a fairly complete and complete facility so that you are safe here, my friends.

Starting from a fairly wide parking zone until there is a clean toilet. The following is a list of the facilities available here:

Pangalengan Sky Park

Photo by Kaori Chatto

::Parking Zone
::Smoking Area
::Photo Spot
::Sunrise Point
::Camping Ground
::Food stalls
::Means of Health Protocol

Pangalengan Sky Park Opening Hours Bandung

Pangalengan Sky Park
Photo by Michael Goi

For the opening hours or the opening hours of this Pangalengan Sky Park Bandung tour, it starts to open 24 hours every day, slang friends. Of course you can visit on any day to enjoy the beauty and atmosphere of this Pangalengan Sky Park.

Location of Pangalengan Sky Park Bandung

Pangalengan Sky Park
Pangalengan Sky Park

For the position of Taman Langit Pangalengan Bandung, it is located in the Kp area. Puncak Mulya, Jalan. Cukul, Sukaluyu, Pangalengan, Bandung. If you are from downtown Bandung, you are approximately 60.2 kilometers and it will take about 2 hours to arrive at this Pangelangan Park tourist destination.

Thus a brief review of “Taman Langit Pangalengan Bandung: The Most Beautiful Place to Enjoy the Sunrise While Camping with the Family” Are you interested in visiting this super beautiful park?


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