Make Husband Satisfied, Dianna Dee Beber Favorite Position When Doing Bed Activities

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Sexy celebrity Dianna Dee Starlight has been outspoken about her personal life in bed.

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The Manado native woman revealed her favorite position when she wanted to have a scene with her husband, Elvin Erick Gultom.

It is known that her husband has a profession as a doctor.

The confession was recorded on her YouTube show, where Dianna answered questions related to this.

“I like being plain in bed. So, let’s make it easy and fast if you want that,” said Dianna, quoted by, Tuesday (13/7/2021).

Diana Dee and Husband

Dianna then got a question about the most comfortable position on the bed.

Casually, he replied that he likes different styles to add variety.

“Everything (style, red) I like. Either above, below, side, or from behind. That’s what I did,” he explained.

Dianna admits that she is an obedient type of woman, so she is ready whenever she wants.

Because, he said, in a relationship you must trust each other in order to create a harmonious atmosphere.

“The reason is because I want to like to make you satisfied. So, it doesn’t matter if you have to use various styles,” he said. (genpi/dawn)


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